Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Colds, Cars, and Other Thoughts.

We would like to ask a little indulgence with anything that may be less understandable than ususally.  We woke up Sunday morning with a cold that became so bad on Monday that we were out of commission the whole day.  Today, we are back to work but still under the weather.
1.  As the image above would tend to imply, we have a cold and are struggle to think straight today.  Wife, as well as several co-workers, was sick last week and we seem to have come down with the cold.  I hate the feeling of being stuffed up, so I tend to blow my nose far more than I should. (Sorry way to much personal information.)  I think I will stop with this thought.
2. I was watching the women's single figure skating last week, and had a 'flash' of insight after the final medal situation.  I kept hearing, and seeing, people saying that 'poor' Sasha Cohen only got the Silver Medal.  I really find that to be a ridiculous statement.  After all, how many people in the history of the Winter Olympics can say that they have won a Silver Medal in the Olympics.  That kind of comment seems to be at odds with the whole point of the Olympics that has enterents like the Jamaican bobsled team. (Cool Runnings anyone.)  Isn't the whole point of the Olympics to bring athletes from around the world together and have them compete so they will increase the understanding of things around the world.
3. On the Olympics, I actually enjoyed the NBC coverage this year for the most part.  For one thing they seem to cover events in which the US is not a traditional contender with the same type of coverage that they covered other things.  We also didn't get as many time filler Sap-stories this time which actually was nice.  My one complaint was the constant jumping between events.  Why, well it really wasn't necessary, after all the events were completed well before the broadcasting of them in the US and I hated this jumping around instead of just completing an event.
4.  The Cleveland International Auto Show opened this weekend and Wife and I went to the show to see the new cars.  (We went Sunday after I had gotten a bit of extra sleep and I was feeling moderately functional.)  The main reason we were going was to see the 2007 Toyota Camry.  We had look about 3 or 4 months ago at the 2006 Camry and decided with the new ones come so soon to wait to see what the new ones looked like before we made a purchase decision.  The new ones are very nice.  They are much sleeker looking that the previous style and are actually a little more attractive.  We decided to get a 2007 for wife, her car is a 1995 Ford Tuarus that is 'third hand' and while still functional looks like crap.  We got ourselves pre-approved for the financing and now we just half to order the thing. The color we are looking at is an Aloe Green Metalic that is just beautiful on the car.
5. There were lots of interesting 'concept' cars at the show.  One we thought was neat was the early 70's inspired Dodge Challenger re-introduction. (No time line on the re-introduction)  It had all of the looks of the its' earlier Muscle-Car inpiration with all the modern lines as well.
5.  Another interesting vehicle was the Ford Super-Chief.  This is sort a super high-end truck with a neat look and this need sort of dual line  breaklight format that runs from one side of the back end to the other.  It also had wood floors and other appointments inside.  Not real practicle, but really cool none-the-less.
6.  My boss had purchased a Pontiac Solistice early last year.  My wife never had a chance to see what one looked like until the car show.  She really liked them, but I found she prefers hard topped sports cars to the ragtop convertable.
7.  Apparently wifes dream car, after the car show, is a dreamy little Austin Martin sports model.  I did feel the need to tease her about being James Bond after that.  Me I would have settled for either one of the Lotuses that they had or one of the Maserati sports coups.
8.  My wife asked me the other day if I had heard any update on the Portly PM's condition.  Which of course I said no, and that I hadn't had time to check on the Israeli news sites for updates.  I am kind of curious what is going on though.
9.  Is it just me or does it seem that Unitary Executive Jr. has completely lost touch with reality, at least on occasion if not regularly.  My wife, as I've state before she is a Republican, has reached the point where the meer mention of his name on TV News or on the Radio has her saying " I wish we could just get rid of this guy."

Thursday, February 23, 2006

How To Throw Gas On A Fire

In what has to be a good move internally, but a bad thing to do for a much wider variety of reasons.  The Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made the following statements "They invade the shrine and bomb there because they oppose God and justice," which is a reference to the US led forces in Iraq, and "these passive activities are the acts of a group of defeated Zionists and occupiers who intended to hit our emotions."   Addressing the United States, Ahmadinehad added: "You have to know that such an act will not save you from the anger of Muslim nations."
The whole problem with his premise is that I don't think it makes any sense.  WE, and I mean that in dual terms here as being a US resident and apparently and unknowingly a defeated Zionist, have absolutely nothing to gain by doing this.  Of course when you are an insane moron that hardly matters. 
The idiotic statements do seem to be fairly limited to who is, at least publicly, making idiotic statements.  This one "we cannot imagine that the Iraqi Sunnis did this," said the influential Sunni cleric Sheik Youssef al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian who lives in Qatar, "no one benefits from such acts other than the U.S. occupation and the lurking Zionist enemy." 
At least the Islamic extremist elements seem to have all received their talking points memos.
Several things I wanted to address.
1.  I would like to express my sympathies to the families and individuals who were affected by the building collapse in Moscow.  I really hate to see these types of disasters that seem to be preventable.
2.  I haven't heard an update from the mine situation in, I believe Mexico, but I would like to express sympathy for the families and individuals affected by that situation as well.
3.  On the port issue.  Why is the President threating to veto the possible legislation that is being proposed by Congress.  They are not trying to stop the deal, though I feel they should be, they are trying to arrange to extend the examination period of the situation.
4.  At the risk of this being taken completely the wrong way I would like to directly address the situation in Iraq.  It seems to me that what is going on in Iraq is very indicitive of the problem that other cultures have with Muslims in a general sense. (And that is what I mean by taken the wrong way.  I am being overly general, but with the intent of address a perception issue.)  Here is what I am getting at, if factions of Muslims don't get along to the point of blowing up their neighbor's religious institutions, why would Christians, Jews, Hindus, et. al. expect them to get along with, and respect, the other religions.
I am not saying that other religious groups are all hugs and kiss, or even that they have been historically after all there have been wars that have centered on differences in Christian Groups, and others. Religion is a very emotional thing to 'true believers.'  The finality of how many people view their own religion is often the problem.  By nature, religion creates an 'I'm right and your wrong'' mentality at the basis of where begin thinking.  But the blowing up/intentionaly destruction of any religious institution is really going beyond what one should ever expect.  The view from the outside of the situation in Iraq, and Islam in general, is that it seems to be unwilling to even accept the differences that will naturally crop up in the long term existence of a religion.  I find the situation in Iraq to be very depressing, after all any time people are killing each other for no reason at all I feel we are violating G-D's desires for what we should be doing.  I have the same feeling about the situation in Darfour, but I really don't know how I can help resolve either issue.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ports, They Are Doing WHAT?

When I first heard about the transfering of the port operations control for 6 of the largest East Coast ports to the UAE's owned company upon the sale of the British I was upset.  After all this idea seemed a little  out of step with the whole 'War on Terror' thing that this administration has been babbling about for something rapidly approaching 5 years.
But the 'emotional' content of my reaction quickly wore off.  I am finding that I am having a hard time being as truly outraged by this as I think I should be.  When I began to think about that I realized that I am being Bush-ized.  This ridiculous administration does so many outrageous things that I am running out of outrage.  It isn't that I don't think that there is a problem, and I will discuss that in a moment, it's just that I just can't get that excited by this Administration's continued stupidity.  I keep thinking that there is no way the Administration can care as little about people and what is going on around it as they do and then they come up with something else that makes no sense.  I almost think that the Administration is trying to loose both houses of Congress to the Democrat's, except they are proving to be so politically inept, that they may find a way to still loose both houses of Congress.  (Yes, I am still very annoyed with the Democratic leadership over the Paul Hackett situation.  Frankly, I wouldn't vote for Sherrod Brown, except that would be an advantage for Mike Dewine who I really dislike, Sherrod I am just moderately angry with.)
One final thing and then I will get to my real issue with the port situation.  Wife was not feeling well this week, and she was calling me on Monday, when the media seemed to discover that there were things going on in the world that didn't involve a VP of the US shooting a man in the face with bird shot, to tell me that she didn't think she was going to go to work.  She called about 10 minutes later in a completely outraged as she saw the news story about the port 'transition.'   Now Wife is a Republican, not a NeoCon, but a 'traditional' Republican.  Wife became very upset with 'her party' and 'her President' back with the whole Teri Shiavo fiasco.  She has become very disenchanted with Unitary Executive King George III.  I actually found the discussion rather interesting, because it is usually me who is outraged about something political and Wife who just seems to think that I have gone off the deep end.  I just fill her in on occasion about things that I hear on the story now and her outrage just continues.  (I really need to get that out there, I think it really shows where this Administration has really gone out of wack.)
The final thing is my real thoughts on this situation.  First of all, I really don't like the idea of the UAE controlling anything in this country.  I find the idea of letting a country that was part of the financial network of the 9/11 hijackers and also the home country of 2 of them to be a rather strange idea in the 'post 9/11 world.'  It was less than a year ago that Karl 'Turd Blossum' Rove was pontificating on how the liberals were stuck in a pre-9/11 mindset and all the other stuff he was blithering about.  This whole deal seems to be a 'pre-9/11' mindset idea.  But not because of anything that I mentioned above, but because I really don't like the idea of ANY foreign country controlling US port operations.  I didn't know that they were controlled by a British company, but frankly I don't like that all that well either.  (No I don't have anything against the Brits.)  I don't think that anyone in this country would be comfortable with the idea of turning border guard security over to any other country and that is exactly what we are proposing here.  Turning a portion of our border control over to a company that is owned by a foreign government.  That just rubs me the wrong way.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Quick Movie Review

I saw the Curious George movie over the weekend.  Wife's nephew and neice were visiting and this was part of the planned activities.
I really wasn't expecting much from the movie.  I had heard less than glowing reports, and was looking forward to being disappointed. 
I have to say I was far from disappointed, the four of us all enjoyed the movie.  The animation was decent and done in the art style of the original books.  They didn't try to adapt any of the books directly, but just tell a story and capture the 'tone' of the books.  They added some specific events from the books but they fit in with the story.
I would very likely see the movie again myself if I had the time, and would recommend it for anyone who has children.  The movie had jokes that were enjoyable for the whole audience. (Unlike, say, a Disney movie where there are jokes for the kids and other jokes that are for the parents.)

Friday, February 17, 2006

A Wide Variety

Okay.  I think I will start with the personal and work my way out.
1.  One of my co-workers gave 2 weeks notice yesterday.  I am not overly emotional about this, as I rarely form 'deep' bonds with people at work. I do tend to like the people I work with.  This situation sort of put me into a combined depression and anxiety attack.  I really dislike change.  I am very oriented on my life working in a set way.  I don't like to have changes like people I talk with suddenly leaving.  (It is fine that she did, after all it is her life to live.)  This is one of the reason, for instance, I don't like Passover.  I dislike anything that screws with the smooth operation of MY life.
2.  An 'Of Cats and Kittens' update.
We took our older cat in to the vet yesterday to have a dental appt. (The fun of pet ownership.)  Maggie, in case I have never mentioned it, is what is commonly called a Domestic Longhair.  This basically means she is a long furred mutt cat. (And I lover her dearly)  The problem is that she is not always 'diligent' about cleaning her bottom after using the box, and on occasion her fur gets to long. (I will leave the horror of details out.)  We generally clip her 'butt' fur short at that point.  Wife decided to have her backside 'shaved' by the vet while she was 'under.'  Our little Maggie now has the back end of a 'syled' poodle.  We also discovered that calico cats have calico skin. (Probably something I could have lived without knowing.)
Anina on the other hand continues to be 'evil.'  Wife has been telling me not to say that.  I love Anina, but she is going to have to learn to be less agressive.  My wife and I have theorized that she is from a pet store.  She loves her cage, which she will get a 'time out' in if she is being particularly annoying to Maggie.  She also has a very low level of social behavoir awareness.  She keeps wanting to play with Maggie, who wants nothing to do with that.  Anina has also figured out that Maggie hates to have her backside touched, so naturally when she wants to be particularly annoying she pounces on Maggies backside, and then chases her double pawing at her behind.
3.  I should know better but on occasion I can't resist.  I was listening to El Blimpbaugh the Oxy Cottin Master for two very short stints on the radio while I was out getting lunch today.   
The first thing he was talking about was a Mother Jones article (on-line) that discussed the reasons that Paul Hackett has dropped out of the Senate Race.  And the fact that 1 or more members of Congress alledged to potential donors that Mr. Hackett perpetrated 'war crimes' in Iraq, and that they had pictures.  If, and I stress if, this a true story the members of Congress involved should be forced to resign.  Mr. Hackett, in an interview I heard the other day, was intimating this a bit himself.
The Blimpy Blowhard then discussed how Russ Finegold (D) (MN) is opposed to the renewal of the Patriot Act portions that need to be so re-inacted.  Rush, in his infinite most humorous way, puts words in Mr. Finegold's mouth basically stating that he was in favor of an 'Al Qa'eda Bill of Rights' which I find very interesting considering that what Mr. Finegold has said all along was that in his opinion there are parts of the Patriot Act that violate the Bill of Rights.
On last point about the Blimpy Blowhard, and this is not from today nor did I hear the broadcast.  Apparently when he first discussed the decision by Mr. Hackett to withdraw from the race for the Senate, he stated that one of the reason that the Congress members were backing Mr. Hacketts opponent for the nomination was that he was a black member of Congress.  There is only 1 problem with this statement, it isn't true.  Sherrod Brown, is a white man.  Now when he was corrected he hemmed and hawwed and finally made a statement that he didn't feel a need to appologise for the mistake, the he did correct himself after it had been pointed out to him several times, because he doesn't see that stating that someone is black is an insult.  (I actually agree with that, and I don't think that his listeners wanted an appology for that, but for that fact that he apparently failed to do research prior to making an 'educated and informed' statement on a political issue.)
4.  I have been leary about the whole idea of defending the 'domestic spying' program with 2 statements. 1. If I have nothing to hide, then why do I care if they phone tap me, they can phone tap me all they want.  and 2. It is a very limited program, you don't have to worry.  (How many people in this country do you suppose would be on the list if 1/2 percent of the population was on the list?  I don't know, and don't really want to think about it.)
Why am I bringing this up - try this article on for size: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/headline/metro/3663189.html
The Chief of Police of Houston is advocating putting in camera's all around the city (in city, in parks, in malls, in apartment buildings and in some instances in private homes.)  Why did I find this so disturbing, his defense of the idea was "If you're not doing anything wrong, why should you worry about it?"
And how is YOUR day going?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Things To Discuss

1. As anonymous pointed out yesterday, in my weekend round up I forgot to include mention of the Portly PM having bowl surgery over the weekend.  I would sympathetic for him, but he is unaware of his surroundings so he doesn't even know he was operated on again.  My wife, as I think I mentioned at the time of the stroke, has 3 years experience in a 'world class' neuro department on a post surgical floor. (She dealt with stroke patients as well.) The floor she was on is what was referred to as a step-down unit. (Not quite critical, but higher care level than a traditional med/surg floor.)  When they were talking about his condition at the time her first response was, he won't recover.  We have monitored the 'recover' as best we can with the amazing news coverage that things get in this country.  (I am waiting for the next 'missing person' news story to take over the news, should be happening any day now.)  The saddest thing about this situation, aside from the fact that it exists, is that Omri Sharon has a fairly good chance of being in jail when his father finally passes.  (And no I don't think that is a reason for Omri not to go to jail.)
2.  I have been trying to figure out why the situation over the weekend with 'Uncle' Dick is getting the type of news coverage that it is getting.  The media seems to be stuck in trying to find out why it took so long for them to be informed of the event.  So my question is, is that really the news story?  After all, I think the fact that he didn't talk to a public official for more than 8hrs in the jurisdiction where the accident happened is much more important.  I also wonder about the fact that it seems that this Administration continues to believe that nothing that they are involved in is the publics business. 
3.  There were new Abu Gra'ib prison abuse photo's released.  I haven't seen these so I am not sure whether these are the ones that existed but were not initially released, or if these are newly discovered.  I do wonder at the timing.  This Administration seems to be able to distract people at the drop of a hat with something.  I guess the raising of the terror alert every time they needed a distraction was getting a bit obvious even for the 'base.'
4. Olympic Note:  I nearly laughed last night when I first heard that Bode Miller had been disqualified from the Nordic Combined.  It seems that the 'Drunken Ski Champion' can't ski sober.  Perhaps he needs a few drinks to get him loosened up before his next event.
5.  The following link is our bizarre new item pick for the day/week whatever.
The reason is this line "I do know the difference between a mobile telephone and a penis."  I felt that this was a classic.  If you want to know the circumstances, please read it.
Have a good one.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Oy! Where To Begin

Several topics seem to be in need of comment and I see no reason not to do it all in one shot.
1.  Why is this weekend thing with VP Cheney such a big deal?  After all, all he did was go hunting for quail and attempted to bag a lawyer in the process.  Let's review the facts as they have been presented.
Dick was hunting in Texas on a private ranch owned by a well known Republican supporter.
His hunting party consisted of a Bush Administration Ambassador (Female just for the record) and a well know Republican lawyer.
Dick, while assuming the brush movement noise was quail, turns and fires his gun at the approaching sound and hits his hunting partner in the face.
Dick quickly had his medical entourage, which goes everywhere with him, take over the care of said lawyer.
Dick then returns to the lodge on the ranch for dinner.
Dick's 'staff' inform local officials that the VP will not be available until morning for an interview.
Dick has the owner of the ranch inform the local paper of the incident.
I really don't see anything wrong with this that a little logic, and probably a little less alcohol, would have changed, and then only slightly.
2. Why is the Iraqi war crimes trial putting up with all the crap that the dictator Saddam is spewing?  He is on trial for war crimes that everyone knows he is guilty of, they need to make this bonehead realized who is incharge.
Saddam has said he is on a hunger strike,  if the court is smart it will do everything it can to enforce the hunger strike.
Saddam whined yesterday that he was forced to come to court in his pajama's.  My response, he you had your chance to get dressed.
Saddam also has called the trial a sham.  Well you know what they say, if you are going to catch a criminal you have to think/be a criminal.  In this case he should know a sham trial when he sees one, he officiated enough of them over the 30 years he was in charge of the government.
3.  I am tired of uneven journalism, and yes I know I have complained before.  Why do the journalists seem to be so lazy that they can not check facts. It seems any more what ever someone spews is what is taken as the truth.  Not like anyone in the government might make up a lie if it was in their best interest.  (Though it is nice to see the White House press corp getting agressive with Scotty, I am not exactly sure they were asking all the best questions.)
4.  I am very annoyed with the Ohio Democratic Party this morning.  They have force two candidates that I supported out of their respective races.  One was a gubenatorial candidate by the name of Eric Fingerhut.  I am 'less' upset about this one only because I think the other major candidate is a very good choice, but I don't like the way the ODP is handling it.
The other is a potential challenger for Senator Mike Dewine.  They force Paul Hackett out of the race.  I really feel that this was a huge mistake.  Mr. Hackett has the dynamic appeal to be another rising star in the party such as Barak Obama.  (Mr. Hackett is not black, just for the record.) What I don't understand here is that the person they have chosen to back is a member of the House who is well respected.  It is allso the person that they kept asking to run and he was being very coy about it so, they went to Mr. Hackett and asked him to run.  Why do I think Mr. Hackett is the better candidate.  One he seems to be more middle of the road.  He would be hard for the GOP to pigeon whole as a 'liberal' as he is a Marine Reservist who volunteered to serve a tour in Iraq.  I really think the Democratic party just gave this seat back to the Republicans and Mike Dewine.
5. I have been enjoying the Olympics, but I hate that they keep jumping around the coverage.  After all, all of the events were completed hours before and they could show them all the way through.
6. Olympics Note 2:
I was watching curling for a bit yesterday.  This has to be the weirdest sport to have gained enough international support to become an Olympic event.  Having said that, I find the sport to be very engaging even if I have no understanding of it.  I have no idea of the strategy or scoring or anything, but it is kind of nice to watch the sweepers 'sweeping' the ice in front of the stone.
7. Olympic Note 3:
I was watching the pairs figure skating last night when the final Chinese pair tried to do what I believe was called a Quadrupal Sowcow(sp).  Now I do watch figure skating on occasion but I really don't know the differences between the various jumps. Any way, I was absolutely sure they were finished when the woman fell and landed hard on her knee while trying to land the Quadrupal SowCow.  But after a few very tense minutes she was able to go back out on to the ice and complete the routine.  It is really neat to see when people in competitition are able to overcome the physical problems that crop up and still do well.
Well that is all I've got time for, time to go back to slaving away on tax returns.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

From The Two Wrongs Do Make A Right File

Apparently because the fun of rioting isn't enough for an Iranian Newspaper.  They are going to try to stir up everyone in Europe and the US by having a Holocaust Cartoon contest.
I have only heard a discription of the cartoon in question. I didn't care for what it depicts, but also feel that if I believe in the concept of free speech this probably will qualify (though I do wonder if it wouldn't maybe fall under the idea of not being covered free speech Constitutionally speaking.  I am not really going to discuss that now as I am not prepared to do so in an intellegent way.)
I also feel that under free speech concepts, I don't have a problem with the Iranian newspaper.  I do not feel it is proper, but I can't really complain about the response by the newspaper.  After all if it is good for the goose it should be good for the gander.  (Oh I worked a cliche I haven't used in writing before, that should be worth something.)

Various Things On My Mind

1.  I've been meaning to post this little story for a while but haven't had the place to put it up.  We I was preparing to return home from Columbus two Friday's ago from the tax conference that I attended I had a nice experience.  I had taken down my companies display and packed it up.  I had walked back the 1/2 block or to get my car. 
In the morning when I had left the hotel I didn't have any money in my pocket to tip the Bellman who had taken my luggage and was going to be placing it in my car.  When I returned mid-afternoon to get my car, the bellman was still on duty and was outside of the hotel helping a new patron unload his car.  I got his attention and gave him a small gratutity for his help and thanked him again.  As I was walking away, he thanked me for remembering him, and then asked me (And I am not sure exactly why) if I was Jewish.  I responded in the affirmative, to which he said "Well Mr wolf, you have a very good Sabbath."  I thanked him and we had a brief continuing conversation after that, but it was very up lifting to have a complete stranger say that, and I wished to publicly acknowledge him even though he will likely never know.
2. This story is completely different from the previous one, but I found the concept so frightening and fascinating that I thought I would share the shock with you.
A woman was arrested in the Chilicothe Ohio area for alledgely firing a gun.  She was arrested by police despite not being able to locate the gun in question.  She was booked and placed in a jail cell in the 'county pokey.'  After a short period of time, and several trips to the bathroom, the guards heard a gun shot.  It seems that she had gone to the bathroom and then sat down back in the 'main' part of the cell when the shot was heard. (Luckily no one was injured in this bizarre incident.)  When police began to try to find out what was going on, it was revealed that the woman who was arrest had smuggled the gun, in to jail, inside her 'female parts.'
3.  Again a complete change in subject. (Which after that last one I hope that everyone is releaved about.)  I just wanted to express my concern about a cousin who in currently hospitalized, and the base cause of what is going on hasn't been figured out yet.  I hope he recovers and has many years of a happy and healthy life ahead of him.
He is in the 'Medical ICU' of the hospital he is at, and I have been praying since I had first heard about the situation.
4. Several quick hits on TV
   a.  I have been truly enjoying the second half of season 2 of BattleStar Galactica.  The last two episodes have been very  strange but interesting.
   b.  I have yet to see the last two episodes of '24,'  but I am finding this season just as frustrating as the previous ones. (Very well done though.)
   c.  New episode of 'The Closer' due in June.

Monday, February 06, 2006

What 'Under Oath' Between Friends?

I really don't understand why Republicans and their business allies seem to not need to be under oath when they testify before Congress.  Only one reason for not being under oath when you testify before Congress seems to come to mind, and that is that you are planning on lying from the beginning and are trying to mitigate the damage.
Alberto Gonzales, the 'Chief Legal Officer,' of the corporation that Jr. thinks he's running testified before Congress today about the 'Domestic Spying' issue. The Democrats forced a vote on whether he should be under oath and lost. (As a side note when Congress investigated the Waco Affair, the A.G. was under oath, but then that was the Clinton Administration.)
It seems that the Republicans are doing everything they can to force themselves to loose at least one, if not both, houses of Congress by providing the Democrats with more and more amunition to use against them.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Memorial to Al 'Grampa Munster' Lewis

Because of the time frame that it was originally on the air I never watched the original run of The Munsters, but did watch it in reruns.  I loved the show.
In reading the linked article from Fox News I learned several things about Mr. Lewis that I didn't know.  For one thing, Mr. Lewis had a reputation as a basketball talent scout.  He had done some scouting for Jerry Tarkanian and Red Auerbach.
I know that I had heard some where along the way that he had opened a restaurant called Grampa's, but didn't remember it until I read the article.
The final thing I learned, is about his health problems.  In 2003 he was undergoing an angioplasty when an emergency by-pass was needed.  As a result of the surgery Mr. Lewis had a portion of his right leg and the toes on his left foot amputated.
At 95 Mr. Lewis lived a long and successful life in which he was beloved by his fans.  He was quoted in the article of saying he never resented being typecast, and that it 'paid the mortgage.'
From Little Wolf and family we express our sympathy for their loss and may they be comforted by his memory, their friends and the millions of fans who loved him.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Time To Think

With shabbat a few hours off I wanted to put some final thoughts up before the 'hiatus.'
1.  I would like to express my shock at the news of the ferry tragedy in the Red Sea this morning.  I have heard that many of the travelers were the families of 'guest workers' in Egypt.  The other is that they may have been Pilgrims returning from the Hajj.  I really don't know which it is, but these kinds of stories are always saddening.
2.  I understand that a portion of the ongoing violence in Iran is a 'civil war.'  I have put that in quotes because I have never really cared for the term.  I am not sure if there is a better one, but I don't like that one.
3.  I really have to love living in Ohio.  We now have the majority leader of the House from the state.  And not only that but if the reports I am hearing are true this guy is allegedly as corrupt as his good buddy Tom Delay is alleged to be.
4.  How do you hold an election among a limited number of people (say the Republican House Caucus) and have more votes case for a leadership position than you have members?  Which member(s) of the Republican House Caucus do you suppose didn't realize that they had already cast their vote?  (Do you suppose that some of the members promised to vote for more than one person so they voted more than once, ON THE FIRST BALLOT.)
5.  I have often harassed Heshy, but was very upset when he took down his site.  We for my fellow fans/harassers Heshy has returned to his posting ways.
6.  I hope the Alabama Arsonist (of the churches) is found and punished.  These types of crimes always put me on edge.  Even though they aren't after us this time, one never knows when that will occur.  I am relieved that no one was injured or killed.  May HaShem bless all who have been affected by this and other tragedies in the last week.
7.  It is time for me to go,
     as the Shabbat that is Bo,
     Approaches very near
     this shabbas holds a special place
     and brings a smile to my face,
     as I think back to 1977
     and a snow storm marred day.
     For those who can not read my mind
    This Shabbat is not one to bind
    It is the anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah.
(Sorry for the bad, and spur-of-the-moment, poetry)
Mean while:  May HaShem bless you a safe and satisfying day of rest.  May you emerge from the divinely imposed cacoon of peace and rest, restored, renewed, and ready to take on the world.
Shabbat Shalom

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hamas Is Coming! Hamas Is Coming!

I have several things I would like to say on Hamas winning in the recent Palestinian parlimentary elections.
1.  Why is everyone (in the media) so surprised that Hamas won in the elections?  I had seen estimates that they would win a large percentage of the vote, and they did.  It wasn't that unexpected, when they are not reveling in the killing of Jews they actually have been very successful in improving life and maintaining an educational structure, maintaining hospitals and, for the most part, not be quite as corrupt as Fatah.
2.  My initial thought on hearing Hamas had won was that it was good for Israel that they did, Hamas is going to be hard pressed to retrain itself and will likely continue to reveal what it is doing.  While I still feel that way I do have another thing to add.  Hamas' victory I feel has, or at least should, weaken the left in Israel.  The rise of the 'boogey-man' to power in the PA should strengthen the Center or Center-Right, and Right of the political spectrum.
3. Former President Jimmy Carter made the following statement "If you sponsor an election or promote democracy and freedom around the world, then when people make their own decision about their leaders, I think that all the governments should recognize that administration and let them form their government."
Unfortunately  he did not stop their he also said "The people of Palestine -- who already suffer ... under Israeli occupation -- will not suffer because they are deprived of a right to pay their school teachers, policemen, welfare workers, health workers and provide food for people." 
This is the line of his comments that, for me, takes apart all of what he was trying to say.  Why add anything about 'suffering under Israeli occupation?"  After all, haven't the Israeli's suffered under the constant threat of suicide attacks. 
The final thing that President Carter said that really made me irate was "If there are prohibitions -- like, for instance, in the United States, against giving any money to a government that is controlled by Hamas -- then the United States could channel the same amount of money to the Palestinian people through the United Nations, through the refugee fund, through UNICEF, things of that kind."   Why do I have a problem with this? Mainly because I feel that a lot of the problems in the region is that the UN has gone out of it's way to maintain the 'refuge camp' system for over an extended period of time and has continued to feed in to the problem by not trying to force some of the Arab countries to absorb a portion of the refugee population that has been seeking refuge in those countries.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Some Thoughts

Couple of things that I have a need to get of my head.
  1. Before the State of the Union Address last night I didn't realize that the production of human/animal hybrids was a major problem in this country.  I know those damn car companies are pushing hybrids, but apparently they ae human/animal hybrids.  And apparently they are cloning those cars as well. 
  2. I had written a post yesterday expressing my sadness at the passing of Coretta Scott King, and my sympathy for the family.  I am a little concern because I emailed it to post it and the internet appears to have eaten it.  It never bounced back to my email, and it never arrived at my blog.  I hate when I don't know where something is.
  3. I only heard part of the State of the Union last night.  I did tape it and if things go favorably today, which they haven't so far, I will watch it tonight.  What I did see/hear of the State of the Union Address last night left me with this impression.  The President really should practice all of his speeches like this.  He actually delivered the speech rather well, but other wise I wasn't much impressed with the whole of it.
  4. I like the Democratic response that was delivered by Governor Kaine.  I felt this was the best 'off-party' response I have heard in a long time.   ( I also liked the catch phrase 'There's A Better Way.')
  5. The last thing I have to say involves the State of the Union as well.  I found it to be very interesting that the only Supreme Court Justices that attended the speech were the 'Right-Wing Block' (As they will likely be called over time).  Just an observation, nothing else.


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