Monday, March 26, 2007

An Old Discussion?

Uri Avery

The above linked article is about Israeli and Arab education. Or more specifically it deals with how children are educated to 'hate' the other side and whether text books on both sides (or either side) are at fault.

My first clue of the 'tone' of the article was when the author used the line "These are foundations of the far-right, disguised as "scientific" bodies, which are lavishly funded by Jewish-American multi-millionaires. " This statement really begins the premise of the article is full view of the reader. Why is it that the approach by either side of a discussion is to attack the other side as being intellectually dishonest. (After all that is what that statement really gets down to.

I believe that the problem, on both sides, stems from the basis of the world view at home. But I don't believe that the problem is solely based on that. I was raised in a home in which we were proud to be Jews, but Israel, other than when there was a war, wasn't really a factor. I have come to the conclusion that Israel is much more important to me than my mother ever has. Part of this may be that my mother was born before Israel was re-born. She lived a portion of her life (to adulthood) with out Israel being a living breathing entity.

I find that the idea that everything that is going on in the Middle East to be the fault of any one person or group of people to be ridiculous. I understand that everyone has a perspective, I tend to side with the Israeli perspective, and with the 'right-wing' of the Israeli political spectrum. I am not saying I am in lock step on that, any more than I am in agreement with everything the Democrats do or say in this country.

The author has a good point, that in order to change the situation you need to change how both sides think. I don't like the idea that anyone in the US is being blamed for the situation. There are as many wealthy Jews in the US that would support the author and the organization that he supports as any 'Right Wing' causes. The author is guilty, though to a lesser extent, of exactly what he is accusing the 'Right Wing' of.

I don't believe that the Palestinians are a true peace partner, and until the use of violence as a political tool ceases, they won't be a true peace partner. I also believe that that won't occur for some time because they have had success in getting part of their goals accomplished. Am I saying that Israel is the perfect peace negotiation partner. Of course not, I believe Israel can change what they do and how they do it, but that they are trying the best they know how in the situation they are in. The 'Far Left' in Israel, and the US for that matter, overlook the motivation of human nature. I would love to think that Israel, or the US for that matter, could just disband their militaries and that we would be safe, but that is not how the other sides in some of these situations behave, so it becomes a question of how to best accomplish what is in the majority's interest. I don't know what the answer is, but Israel signing on to end her own existence is a non-starter.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It is nice to see that Congress may finally be remembering that they are, Constititutionally at least, a 'co-equal' branch of the Federal Government.

I know that a large part of what has been happening the last several years has been political, but I really have a major problem with any branch of the government not respecting itself or the rolls of the other branches.

The Congress, while under the Republican control the last several years, really was not doing it's part of the process. It just was an extension of the White House. This is not the first time that this has happened, probably will not be the last time that it happens, we just have to hope that the Government will not fall under sway of someone who wants to so take advange of this type of situation as to change this coumty in a fundamental way.

I just keeping watching situation, and hoping for someone to get a grip and make a change.

I will probably keep hoping for some time to come.


Friday, March 16, 2007

Bending Over to Far

The below linked article is probably on of the more bizarre things that I have heard of a school district doing.

A British School system has change the name/story of the Three Little Pigs to the Three Little Puppies. The biggest problem with this, not even the Muslims in the area of London where the school to this action were objecting to the play/story in it's traditional name.

I just don't understand. Are people at the school so very un-aware of their surroundings that they would do this. And why would Muslim's be upset about the name of the show anyway? At the very worst, like Jews, they are forbidden from EATING pigs, not see alligorical plays about them.

Three Little Puppies


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More On Alberto

Okay, I really don't have anything to add about Alberto himself, but I was skimming the following article: NY York Times Article.

Somethings that jumped out at me while reading:
Mr. Bartlett said it was “highly unlikely” that Mr. Rove would testify publicly to Congress but added, “That doesn’t mean we won’t find other ways to try to share that information.” Does this seem to indicate that even if he is subpoenaed to testify, he won't. (Maybe I am reading something into it that isn't there) That could get interesting.

With Mr. Bush traveling in Mexico, the White House insisted that the president’s role had been minimal and laid the blame primarily on Harriet E. Miers, who was White House counsel when the prosecutors lost their jobs and who stepped down in January. Of course, she just took unilateral action. She would be much easier to blame being that she is no longer in the Adminstration. (Does anyone in this Administration take responsibility for anything. Mr. Gonzales did, but it was kind of weak.)

The other thing that I think is interesting, which wasn't in the above linked article, is that Mr. Gonzales said he was unaware of the discussions that were going on. The Attorney General's Chief of Staff took unilateral action without him being aware of the situation. Doesn't that make Mr. Gonzales incompetent.

The only other possible that I can see is that Mr. Gonzales knew about it and is lying. If this is true, then he should be go for the situation.

I think that either way, Gonzales has backed himself into a corner. And if what the article discuss about the President having lost, at least some, confidence in him. It may be time for him to go.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's Not My Fault, It's Him. All Him.

Alberto Gonzalez, in what seems to be the standard operating procedures of the Administration, apparently is putting the blame for the firing of the 8 US Attorney's on his (now former) Chief of Staff.

Dispite what appears to be an increasing amount of information that the Attorney General and The White House (oh that is very general isn't it) were very involved in the preparation and execution (in more than one way) of the plan. It also appears that former Supreme Court Nominee Harriet Miers, who if I remember correctly thought Unitary Executive W was the smartest man she knew, was the one who 'proposed' this idea. (This may explain her leaving the administration when she did. She may very well saw this coming and jump while the jumping was good.

I find this situation very disturbing. Not because the firing of US Attorney's is a problem, but that this was obviously a reasoned political strategy that was designed to increase the power of the executive branch at the expense of the judiciary and to try and 'marginalize' the political process in this country.

In his press conference today, Alberto Gonzalez said basically said that the situation was under control and that he is refusing to resign. I wouldn't expect him to resign, after all he is having to much fun and being way to successful at taking away the civil liberties of the citizens in this country. (But at least we are bring Democracy to the Middle East.)

I think it's time for Congress to 'turn up the heat.' It appears that they may, but I have questions whether the Democrats in Congress have the balls to actually do anything, but getting rid of the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (The AG AG) would be a start to putting things back to normal in this country.

As a final note, I heard on the radio today that one of the articles of the Nixon Impeachment articles was interference in the judicial process by trying to manipulate the make up of the US Attorneys to facilitate using the judicial system to go after 'political enemies.' OOPPS.


General Pace's Comments

"I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts," Pace was quoted as saying in the newspaper interview. "I do not believe the United States is well served by a policy that says it is OK to be immoral in any way."

So General Pac has made the above comments. When I heard these statements first thing this morning on my way to work, only one thing occurred to me. That one thing, does General Pace feel that homosexual acts between more than 2 individuals are moral and that we should then condone them. I think that his specific language may imply that. I am just not sure why he would feel that the homosexual orgies are okay, but non-orgy homosexual sex would be immoral.

Link: General Pace's Comments


Israel seeks name for 34 day war.

In what can only be considered a major priority for Olmert's Administration in this period of no other problems in Israel. DM Peretz set up a commission to name the war. To further prove how important this situation is 'Advertisement Yaacov Edri, a minister without portfolio, said on Tuesday he was mounting a separate search through a ministerial committee that he chairs and which oversees state ceremonies.'

The Lebanese are calling this war the 'July War' and Hamas is calling it 'The Divine Victory.' The Israelis, through a YNet poll, have suggested things such as 'Operation Failure', 'The Idiotic War', 'The Big Shame' and 'Amir Peretz's Final War'. I would like to suggest perhaps 'Olmert's Offensive Offense.' But as I am not an Israeli, I guess I don't have any say.



Monday, March 12, 2007

Support the Troops!


Friday, March 09, 2007

Some thoughts on the news

1.  I am not sure why, but the news about Newt Gingrich being involved in an infidelity during the time he was attacking President Clinton is actually about as Ironic as it could get. I don't really care about it, but I find him bringing it up when he is preparing to possibly run for President to be rather funny.
2.  The President has gone to Brazil and discussed the dangers of being reliant on foreign oil sources.  As part of this statement he has signed an agreement with Brazil that will increase the production in this hemisphere of alternative fuels.  I find this to be a rather funny thing as well.  A President that has us fighting a war that is 'allegedly' over oil, telling the world how dangerous it is.  Does this fall under the NO Duh catagory?  I think so.
3.  The at Walter Reed Army Medical Center is just frightening.  How does an administration that claims to support the troops allow something like this to happen?  I would address this situation further, but I am not really sure what to say.
4.  Does anyone think that it took Senator Obama an extended period of time to pay off the Harvard University parking tickets to be any more of a problem than his having attended an Muslim school while a child?
5.  As one could expect the FBI was unable to restrain from abusing the Patriot Act provisions that allowed it to investigate 'terrorists?'
6.  Is it me or is the fact that the President asked for a new plank in the Patriot Act renewal that allowed an Administration to fire Federal Prosecutors and replace them at will with out the normal vetting process in the Senate, and then abused the authority really all that suprising?
Well have a good Shabbot, and I hope every one had a safe Purim celebration.


Friday, March 02, 2007

Family Update

A couple things I thought I would pass on:
1. The reason for the continuation of a lower number of posts is two-fold:
     a.  I have been working my full time job and then working as a tax-whale on several nights a week.
     b.  I was basically unable to post for a week due to a death in Wife's family.
2. The death in Wife's family was of her Grandmother.  Grandmother was the one who slapped Father-in-Law last year.  It was a sudden thing, though we found out latter that she had been suffering from the flu for about 8 days and hadn't gone for help when she died.
3. I was at work for the weekend that she died helping move our warehouse from location A to location B.  As a company we moved over 4500 pallets from the old facility to the new facility from Friday at 6am and Sunday at 6pm.  (Friday and Saturday were 2 10 hour shifts.)  It was really a rather amazing thing to see happen.  Unfortunately some of the pallets didn't make it to the correct location, but for the most part everything was fairly smoothly done.
4.  Wife is not working currently and also is preparing to go back to school to get a graduate degree in Nursing.  I will update this issue as time allows.
5.  During the week of the funeral for Wife's Grandmother:  Father-in-law had a stomach virus. He passed this to Mother-in-law, who was unable to attend Grandmother's funeral.  Wife had Strep Throat and was unable to full-fill her 'assigned' duties for about a week of caring for her Grandfather.
Brother-in-law also got ill with the virus. (He also passed his CDL licensing, and will be going through a three week orientation program)

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