Saturday, April 12, 2008

Modern Clintonian Politics or How to Throw a Kitchen Sink

To start with I am sorry for not having posted in such a long time. I have been very busy with my wife's graduate school, working my full-time job, working a part-time job, and in the last few months doing tax returns for my clients. With tax season ending and with the school year ending I am hoping to get the time to do more posting.

To preface these comments, I have not heard the initial comments, but I am not quite sure what was said that is causing the number of comments that are being made over Mr. Obama's comments about small town people in the Mid-West being bitter about the situation in this country.

It seems that Hillary and her campaign is taking the position that if they don't get the nomination then the destruction of the Democratic Party's chances of winning the White House in November is the only other option. This view is not based on the way the current situation is being handled, but on the entire approach to the campaign.

I am not anti-Hillary, but I can tell you that a lot of people are. There are people who will not vote for Hillary; and I have heard more and more people say that if the nominees are McCain, which it is going to be for the Republicans, and Hillary, they will stay home in November.

If the nominee is Hillary, I will vote for her, or more precisely I will vote against McCain. I strongly believe that a McCain Presidency will be a disaster for this country. My problem with Hillary is I just don't feel she is electable. She will turn off the potential 'Obama' Republicans, and will activate a demoralized right-wing base who isn't enthusiastic about McCain. The election in the fall will have large turn-outs for the Republicans if Hillary gets the nomination.

But back to what I was intending to talk about. Hillary has tried repeatedly to throw anything she can at Obama. I think a number of these things have back fired because many people are tired of these types of politics. But as we saw in Texas and Ohio, if she get the right item to throw, legitimate or not, as the time to vote in Pennsylvania and Indiana arrives, she can sway people. This has been her tactic several times through the winter and spring. I expect it will be in the late spring and into the summer. The reason I really dislike this, she is not picking up votes for her, but winning by scaring off some of the new voters. She better watch what she does, because if she is the nominee, she is going to get the same to a much higher level in the fall from the Republicans, and she doesn't have the same grace of response that Obama does.

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