Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Things To Discuss

1. As anonymous pointed out yesterday, in my weekend round up I forgot to include mention of the Portly PM having bowl surgery over the weekend.  I would sympathetic for him, but he is unaware of his surroundings so he doesn't even know he was operated on again.  My wife, as I think I mentioned at the time of the stroke, has 3 years experience in a 'world class' neuro department on a post surgical floor. (She dealt with stroke patients as well.) The floor she was on is what was referred to as a step-down unit. (Not quite critical, but higher care level than a traditional med/surg floor.)  When they were talking about his condition at the time her first response was, he won't recover.  We have monitored the 'recover' as best we can with the amazing news coverage that things get in this country.  (I am waiting for the next 'missing person' news story to take over the news, should be happening any day now.)  The saddest thing about this situation, aside from the fact that it exists, is that Omri Sharon has a fairly good chance of being in jail when his father finally passes.  (And no I don't think that is a reason for Omri not to go to jail.)
2.  I have been trying to figure out why the situation over the weekend with 'Uncle' Dick is getting the type of news coverage that it is getting.  The media seems to be stuck in trying to find out why it took so long for them to be informed of the event.  So my question is, is that really the news story?  After all, I think the fact that he didn't talk to a public official for more than 8hrs in the jurisdiction where the accident happened is much more important.  I also wonder about the fact that it seems that this Administration continues to believe that nothing that they are involved in is the publics business. 
3.  There were new Abu Gra'ib prison abuse photo's released.  I haven't seen these so I am not sure whether these are the ones that existed but were not initially released, or if these are newly discovered.  I do wonder at the timing.  This Administration seems to be able to distract people at the drop of a hat with something.  I guess the raising of the terror alert every time they needed a distraction was getting a bit obvious even for the 'base.'
4. Olympic Note:  I nearly laughed last night when I first heard that Bode Miller had been disqualified from the Nordic Combined.  It seems that the 'Drunken Ski Champion' can't ski sober.  Perhaps he needs a few drinks to get him loosened up before his next event.
5.  The following link is our bizarre new item pick for the day/week whatever.
The reason is this line "I do know the difference between a mobile telephone and a penis."  I felt that this was a classic.  If you want to know the circumstances, please read it.,,2-2006070466,00.html
Have a good one.

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