Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Some Thoughts

Couple of things that I have a need to get of my head.
  1. Before the State of the Union Address last night I didn't realize that the production of human/animal hybrids was a major problem in this country.  I know those damn car companies are pushing hybrids, but apparently they ae human/animal hybrids.  And apparently they are cloning those cars as well. 
  2. I had written a post yesterday expressing my sadness at the passing of Coretta Scott King, and my sympathy for the family.  I am a little concern because I emailed it to post it and the internet appears to have eaten it.  It never bounced back to my email, and it never arrived at my blog.  I hate when I don't know where something is.
  3. I only heard part of the State of the Union last night.  I did tape it and if things go favorably today, which they haven't so far, I will watch it tonight.  What I did see/hear of the State of the Union Address last night left me with this impression.  The President really should practice all of his speeches like this.  He actually delivered the speech rather well, but other wise I wasn't much impressed with the whole of it.
  4. I like the Democratic response that was delivered by Governor Kaine.  I felt this was the best 'off-party' response I have heard in a long time.   ( I also liked the catch phrase 'There's A Better Way.')
  5. The last thing I have to say involves the State of the Union as well.  I found it to be very interesting that the only Supreme Court Justices that attended the speech were the 'Right-Wing Block' (As they will likely be called over time).  Just an observation, nothing else.


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