Tuesday, February 07, 2006

From The Two Wrongs Do Make A Right File

Apparently because the fun of rioting isn't enough for an Iranian Newspaper.  They are going to try to stir up everyone in Europe and the US by having a Holocaust Cartoon contest.
I have only heard a discription of the cartoon in question. I didn't care for what it depicts, but also feel that if I believe in the concept of free speech this probably will qualify (though I do wonder if it wouldn't maybe fall under the idea of not being covered free speech Constitutionally speaking.  I am not really going to discuss that now as I am not prepared to do so in an intellegent way.)
I also feel that under free speech concepts, I don't have a problem with the Iranian newspaper.  I do not feel it is proper, but I can't really complain about the response by the newspaper.  After all if it is good for the goose it should be good for the gander.  (Oh I worked a cliche I haven't used in writing before, that should be worth something.)

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