Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year

Well it's that time of year again.

Time to make a change either for the better, or for a change. Time turn to a loved one and remind yourself, and them, that you love them.

Happy New Year to one and all. May your new year be one of joy, happiness, and prosperity.
And on a completely different note, while searching for a graphic for New Years I cam up with the picture below as well. I am not sure what it means, who it is, or why it came up for New Years, but I figure it was worth posting just for the fact that I thought it was an odd thing to find for New Years.


Another Week Another Update

So where are we:
  1. When last we spoke, I was preparing for an interview on Tuesday of this week and not really sure what I was going to do. That interview went well, but due to the time of year, nothing really came of it as yet. One of the positions that I previously interviewed for decided to not offer the job based on my credit history which is not very good because of a previous unemployment that lasted for 2.5 years. ( I have started making phone calls and sending emails to see if there is something I can do to get this situation redressed as I feel that this may be the best situation for me overall.) I had an interview on Friday with Accountemps, and they may have a 3+ month temporary position for me that would begin on January 8. In addition to this I spoke to a couple of the recruiters that I am working with and they may have interview opportunities for me as early as next week. Every time I get down about the situation, I seem to get another reason to be positive about the next week. (As I have said to Wife several times recently, I just have to keep Doors and Windows in mind.)
  2. On the In-Law front. Father-in-Law has seen a new medical specialist, and seems to be very enthusiastic about the direction this Doctor is proceeding. Father-in-Law was supposed to be picking up his parents for the day on Christmas, but there was another in the continuing soap opera that is Wife's family. As you will likely remember Wife's Grandmother had 'taken back' Grandfather to live in an independent apartment, despite this being wholly inappropriate for his current situation. Father-in-Law had discussed that when Grandmother and Grandfather came to visit, that Grandfather would need to wear Depends, surprisingly this did not cause a huge problem. Two days before they went to pick them up, Father-in-Law mentioned in a casual way that she should make sure to bring an extra set of clothing with them, just to be on the safe side. (I believe they may have heard the response in Iraq, but I am not sure.) Basically, Grandmother got very nasty and said that Grandfather has never had an accident. (Actually we know of at least 3 that he did have all in the last several months. Some of which lead to the situation of them moving from one building at the facility that they are in to another.) Father-in-Law called his sister to discuss the situation only to discover that Grandfather had had accidents the two previous nights. (Apparently Grandmother told Father-in-Law's Sister that there was a ghost in the apartment that had left poop-balls, not sure of the official term used, around the apartment.) When Father-in-Law's Sister talked to Grandmother, she got an ear full. Then Father-in-Law's Niece or, as Wife call's her, The Chosen Granddaughter got on the phone to 'calm Grandmother down,' she got told off. The Chosen Granddaughter has NEVER been spoken to by Grandmother this way before. (At least to our knowledge.) The Chosen Granddaughter has had a number of problems over the last 6 years or so, and when Father-in-Law's Sister got back on the phone she was told by Grandmother that she was a bad mother and that is why her daughter turned out the way she did. (The fact that Grandmother undermined the parental power of both her daughter and son-in-law had nothing to do with it apparently.)
  3. Back to the Job Front for just a moment. I forgot to add above that I did not end up going to North Virginia for the 2 interviews. Why, well I didn't have the money and family pressure.
  4. I have heard from 2 of my clients in the last week. One is living in Italy and wants to get a head start on his tax return. The other is living in Denver and has issues from last years tax return. ( And to my favorite trolls out there, no the issues were not a result of anything I did or didn't do.) I find it facinating that people continue to know exactly when I need that emotional/ego boost, even when they are unaware of what is going on in my life.
  5. The only real news on Step-Sister is that she is planning on divorcing her husband. I got some old information on the situation though. When Step-Brother-2 was going to our home town to visit our brother-in-law, Step-Sister told him about the situation, and he decided not to visit. (Yeay for my big brother. I am happy someone did this.) Step-Brother-1 was not happy about the situation when he found out, but is having problems in his own marriage because of mental health issue for Step-Brother-1's Wife. Step-Brother-1's middle son and wife had a baby. (I only found out because they were going to be at the Hannukah party. I didn't end up going to it because neither Wife or I were feeling well.)
  6. I was supposed to be in Colorado this week for a wedding. For financial reasons, obviously, this was not going to be a trip we were taking. (Actually this was decided long before the lay-off.) I am moderately happy that it occured this way as Colorado is getting the big snow storms and I am hoping for a predominately Snow Free winter this year. (I really get tired of snow and cold very quickly.)

Well I can't think of anything else that I need to get off my chest this evening, I will update again when I have time.


Saddam is Dead, Is This Truly a Big Deal?

My mother called on Friday evening to inform me that Saddam had been executed. (She also asked if I was joyful about this, which seems to be an odd question.)

I have several thoughts on this:
  1. I really thought Saddam should have been killed when he was located in his hole-in-the-ground, hide-a-way. The fact that he wasn't was entirely politically motivated on the part of the US. After all we had to capture someone, and we don't seem to be able to capture Osama Bin Laden. (Well unless you believe that there is a conspiracy that is allowing him to live.)
  2. I truly can't believe that there are many people in this country that feel this is a major event. I certainly don't believe that it is worthy of the time that was devoted to it on CNN while I was watching. (Either before the execution, or after.)( I didn't watch any of the other networks on Friday to see how much coverage was being given to it.)
  3. I don't understand why my mother thought I would be joyful about the execution. I am glad he is no longer in power. I really don't care how he died.
  4. I don't really think the execution really accomplishes anything at this time. The ordinary citizen of Iraq is to busy staying out of the way of the violent boneheads running around killing innocent people to worry about this. I really think it would have accomplished more if he had been killed per item 1.

If Saddam's execution really changes anything in Iraq, it may be that the Baathist members of the 'insurgency' are going to be reinvigorated. They just had their leader, even if it was nominally at this point, executed and they are not likely to be very happy about it.

Well hopefully I am wrong on this, but I doubt it.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Iraq: President vs Study Group

The comment here is actually fairly limited.

Why did the President agree to a Bi-Partisan commission lead by one of his daddy's good friends if he had no intention of changing his policy on the handling of Iraq?

For that matter, why did he appoint a member of that study group as his Secretary of Defense to replace Secretary Rumsfeld, if he was going to continue on the same course?

This President really confuses me, he 'acts' like he is going to make changes but then he just does the same thing over and over. Isn't he just proving that he meets the 'classic' definition of insanity? (You know, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.)

I also read some place along the way in the last 24 hours that Mr. Bush is in Crawford for a vacation and that one of the things that he is doing is 'contemplating a change in direction in Iraq.' I guess I will believe it when I see it.


In Memorium: President Gerald Rudolph Ford

A few thoughts from my memories of the former President. I was young when Mr. Ford assumed the Presidency. Aside from President Nixon's re-election, this was the first major political issue that I remember. I also remember when he pardoned his predecessor. I don't seem to remember truly understanding at the time what the meaning of that was or the up-roar over the situation.

In looking back from my knowledge now I found the move to be one of the hardest I think that I have seen, in my life time, a President have to make. I saw several different channels talking about it tonight and I have to believe the simple fact that none of his advisors thought that it was a good idea, probably is the best defining moment of Mr. Ford's early Presidency.

I have on other thought that I feel the need to express at this time of night, and that is that I truly believe that Mr. Ford may have been one of the last truly humble and genuine politicians that we will have on the American Stage. (I am not sure that genuine and politician truly belong together in a sentence, but you get the idea.

Wikipedia Biography or Official White House Biography


Thursday, December 14, 2006

I am SO Sorry

I am extending appologies to anyone and everyone who has been checking back for updates or commentary. I have been busier while trying to find a job than I was when I had two jobs during last tax season. I have a few spare moments this evening and decided to post an extensive update on everything that has been going on in my life since my last post. Hopefully I will be able to post more frequently from here on out and I will try to get back to comment on things as I feel the need.

1. Job search:
While I am still unemployed, I have been working on a contract project for the corporate parent of my previous employer. (It really is nice to have a good reputation and a knowledge of the entire organization.)

I have had interviews with a number of accounting firms in Cleveland, and thought I had a position 2 weeks ago. The Tax Partner of the firm indicated in my interview with him that he was going to hire me, but 2 days later they had changed their minds.

I have had interview in the last week with a Midwestern CPA firm, a smaller national firm for a possible position in their Denver office, a DC local firm for a position with their firm, and company that does special projects for large companies on an out-source basis, and a major hotel chain. Wife and I are hopeful that one of these will come through.

I am actually hoping it is the Midwestern CPA firm, it seems to be a good fit and the company is growing. It would also keep me in Cleveland near most of our family. As of my last report from the recruiter that brought me the opportunity (report was yesterday) things were on track and we will hopefully hear something before the end of the week. (Please keep your fingers crossed and pray hard for a quick answer on this.)

2. Wife's Family:
I am not even sure where to start on this one. When last we left off, Grandmother had hit Grandfather in front of nursing facility staff. Father-in-Law has been going through what can best be described quickly as a persistent anxiety attack. All of this has cause, with my unemployment and some issues at work, lots of issues for Wife.

For about 3 weeks Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law were 'sharing' their problems (between them) with Wife. While this was 'inappropriate,' it was also infuriating. Not only did it upset Wife, but some of the issues that were coming up were enough for me to lose my temper about the situation. (Luckily we live about an hour from my In-Law's, so violence on my part was a bit out of the question.)

And now back to Grandmother and Grandfather.

After much family discussion and statements to the senior facility to the contrary, they allowed Grandfather, who is getting quite senile, to return the care of his abusive wife. This occured after a second observed beating incident. Brother-in-Law and Father-in-Law were visiting and Father-in-Law was discussing several issue with a nurse at the Nurse's Station. Grandfather became very confused and disoriented while trying to take a sweater off. Grandmother beat Brother-in-Law to remedy the situation and after pulling the sweater back on Grandfather, hit him several times as a 'punishment.'

One piece of additional information on this, when Grandfather first went to the full nursing portion of the facility he was evaluated. He didn't know where he was and believed the year to be 1960. (I guess you have to be even less communicative and be further off from the date to actual qualify as not being able to decide you want to go back to an abusive situation.)

3. An issue in my family:
This came to my attention very recently. With out going to full detail, mostly because one I don't know the full details and second I get irritated just thinking about it, I recently found out the husband of Step-Sister has been having an affair. The woman that he has been having the affair with lives about six hundred miles away. This only makes the situation that much more absurd. I don't know yet how Step-Sister found out about this lovely little situation.

An an example of the stupidity of Step-Sister's husband, every year we have a family Channukah celebration at Step-Brother2's house. Step-Sister's husband has not been invited to the 'party.' In a marriage counseling session that they attended, the subject came up and Step-Sister's husband tried to blame Step-Sister for the situation because: She told people and he didn't want anyone to know, and just wanted to go on like nothing happened. Step-Sister responded in the session that it wasn't her fault, that it was his. (I happen to agree, after all he did have the affair not her.) With this response, Step-Sister's husband got angry and stormed out of the session.

There are very few things that really tick me off. Two of them involve people who are married.
One is people who have affairs. It is not like getting a divorce is so hard that you can't get one before you sleep with someone other than your spouse. The other is men who abuse their wives. (Anyone really, but in my particular family, with Wife's grandparents as an exception, it has been the man rather than the woman who is abusive.)

We that about updates the situation to the moment. I will post again soon, and thank you in advance for your understanding.


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