Friday, February 03, 2006

Time To Think

With shabbat a few hours off I wanted to put some final thoughts up before the 'hiatus.'
1.  I would like to express my shock at the news of the ferry tragedy in the Red Sea this morning.  I have heard that many of the travelers were the families of 'guest workers' in Egypt.  The other is that they may have been Pilgrims returning from the Hajj.  I really don't know which it is, but these kinds of stories are always saddening.
2.  I understand that a portion of the ongoing violence in Iran is a 'civil war.'  I have put that in quotes because I have never really cared for the term.  I am not sure if there is a better one, but I don't like that one.
3.  I really have to love living in Ohio.  We now have the majority leader of the House from the state.  And not only that but if the reports I am hearing are true this guy is allegedly as corrupt as his good buddy Tom Delay is alleged to be.
4.  How do you hold an election among a limited number of people (say the Republican House Caucus) and have more votes case for a leadership position than you have members?  Which member(s) of the Republican House Caucus do you suppose didn't realize that they had already cast their vote?  (Do you suppose that some of the members promised to vote for more than one person so they voted more than once, ON THE FIRST BALLOT.)
5.  I have often harassed Heshy, but was very upset when he took down his site.  We for my fellow fans/harassers Heshy has returned to his posting ways.
6.  I hope the Alabama Arsonist (of the churches) is found and punished.  These types of crimes always put me on edge.  Even though they aren't after us this time, one never knows when that will occur.  I am relieved that no one was injured or killed.  May HaShem bless all who have been affected by this and other tragedies in the last week.
7.  It is time for me to go,
     as the Shabbat that is Bo,
     Approaches very near
     this shabbas holds a special place
     and brings a smile to my face,
     as I think back to 1977
     and a snow storm marred day.
     For those who can not read my mind
    This Shabbat is not one to bind
    It is the anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah.
(Sorry for the bad, and spur-of-the-moment, poetry)
Mean while:  May HaShem bless you a safe and satisfying day of rest.  May you emerge from the divinely imposed cacoon of peace and rest, restored, renewed, and ready to take on the world.
Shabbat Shalom

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