Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Oy! Where To Begin

Several topics seem to be in need of comment and I see no reason not to do it all in one shot.
1.  Why is this weekend thing with VP Cheney such a big deal?  After all, all he did was go hunting for quail and attempted to bag a lawyer in the process.  Let's review the facts as they have been presented.
Dick was hunting in Texas on a private ranch owned by a well known Republican supporter.
His hunting party consisted of a Bush Administration Ambassador (Female just for the record) and a well know Republican lawyer.
Dick, while assuming the brush movement noise was quail, turns and fires his gun at the approaching sound and hits his hunting partner in the face.
Dick quickly had his medical entourage, which goes everywhere with him, take over the care of said lawyer.
Dick then returns to the lodge on the ranch for dinner.
Dick's 'staff' inform local officials that the VP will not be available until morning for an interview.
Dick has the owner of the ranch inform the local paper of the incident.
I really don't see anything wrong with this that a little logic, and probably a little less alcohol, would have changed, and then only slightly.
2. Why is the Iraqi war crimes trial putting up with all the crap that the dictator Saddam is spewing?  He is on trial for war crimes that everyone knows he is guilty of, they need to make this bonehead realized who is incharge.
Saddam has said he is on a hunger strike,  if the court is smart it will do everything it can to enforce the hunger strike.
Saddam whined yesterday that he was forced to come to court in his pajama's.  My response, he you had your chance to get dressed.
Saddam also has called the trial a sham.  Well you know what they say, if you are going to catch a criminal you have to think/be a criminal.  In this case he should know a sham trial when he sees one, he officiated enough of them over the 30 years he was in charge of the government.
3.  I am tired of uneven journalism, and yes I know I have complained before.  Why do the journalists seem to be so lazy that they can not check facts. It seems any more what ever someone spews is what is taken as the truth.  Not like anyone in the government might make up a lie if it was in their best interest.  (Though it is nice to see the White House press corp getting agressive with Scotty, I am not exactly sure they were asking all the best questions.)
4.  I am very annoyed with the Ohio Democratic Party this morning.  They have force two candidates that I supported out of their respective races.  One was a gubenatorial candidate by the name of Eric Fingerhut.  I am 'less' upset about this one only because I think the other major candidate is a very good choice, but I don't like the way the ODP is handling it.
The other is a potential challenger for Senator Mike Dewine.  They force Paul Hackett out of the race.  I really feel that this was a huge mistake.  Mr. Hackett has the dynamic appeal to be another rising star in the party such as Barak Obama.  (Mr. Hackett is not black, just for the record.) What I don't understand here is that the person they have chosen to back is a member of the House who is well respected.  It is allso the person that they kept asking to run and he was being very coy about it so, they went to Mr. Hackett and asked him to run.  Why do I think Mr. Hackett is the better candidate.  One he seems to be more middle of the road.  He would be hard for the GOP to pigeon whole as a 'liberal' as he is a Marine Reservist who volunteered to serve a tour in Iraq.  I really think the Democratic party just gave this seat back to the Republicans and Mike Dewine.
5. I have been enjoying the Olympics, but I hate that they keep jumping around the coverage.  After all, all of the events were completed hours before and they could show them all the way through.
6. Olympics Note 2:
I was watching curling for a bit yesterday.  This has to be the weirdest sport to have gained enough international support to become an Olympic event.  Having said that, I find the sport to be very engaging even if I have no understanding of it.  I have no idea of the strategy or scoring or anything, but it is kind of nice to watch the sweepers 'sweeping' the ice in front of the stone.
7. Olympic Note 3:
I was watching the pairs figure skating last night when the final Chinese pair tried to do what I believe was called a Quadrupal Sowcow(sp).  Now I do watch figure skating on occasion but I really don't know the differences between the various jumps. Any way, I was absolutely sure they were finished when the woman fell and landed hard on her knee while trying to land the Quadrupal SowCow.  But after a few very tense minutes she was able to go back out on to the ice and complete the routine.  It is really neat to see when people in competitition are able to overcome the physical problems that crop up and still do well.
Well that is all I've got time for, time to go back to slaving away on tax returns.

you forgot to mention the Prime Minister, you seem to bee too buzy

Thanks, it did slip my mind. I have been running for two straight weeks with no time off. 55 hours full time job, 12 to 18 hrs part time job, doing several 'personal' clients, trying to spend time with Wife and cats. Something was bound to get forgotten. I will try to get that tomorrow.
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