Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Don't Understand

I don't understand how the British forces pulling out of southern Iraq is proof of improved conditions in Iraq, and at the same time the US is surging the troop present in central Iraq.
Wouldn't it make more sense to shift the 'excess' British forces to central Iraq to help the US forces to improve the conditions there?
Also, why is the VP going around the 'Far East' making policy statements that seem to be at least moderately out of touch with reality?
Why does this Administration think that citizens of this country are going to fall for the exact same ploy from Iraq repackaged?
Why do people seem to believe that this Administration has the best interest of the country as a goal, when they are starting to push their own base away?
Why can someone who claims to be a liberal also hate both the troops and Jews and say that both are undermining the progressive movement?(This was a phone call I heard this evening on the radio)
I am currently out of things off the top of my mind that I don't understand.  Please help. 


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why Is It Important?

It seems to be important somehow that the Tomb of Jesus has been found.  So I have been trying to decide why this is an important issue.
Okay, if Jesus was buried and did not 'rise from the grave' after three days, it sort of destroys the basic theological points of modern Christianity.  But is this really an important thing, after all the concept of Jesus' divinity was in dispute by early Christians and was partially resolved the the historical occurance of the Rise of Islam.
All that aside, let's exam the issue at hand.
If this is the Tomb of Jesus, does it change the reality that Christianity will not accept it and it is difficult, if not impossible, confirm that is or isn't the real thing.  Since faith is a major part of any religion, it will not 'shake the faith' of people who are 'true Christians.'  If it isn't the Tomb of Jesus, nothing changes.  As such no change in the situation so it really isn't an issue. (Unless of course you are a sociologist or archeologist.)
The biggest thing that bugged me about the whole report was something I saw on CNN at about 2:30am last night.  It seem that they are partially basing the identification of the situation on one item, a name on one of the containers that had the words 'Jesus', 'Son of', and 'Joseph.'  And they were reading these names (on the screen) from left to right.  The only problem the way they were written (being in Hebrew) it should have been read Joseph son of Jesus.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Few Things

An update on the job front:

I have been hired as the in-house tax professional for a corporation that produces and distributes energy efficient lighting.

The above picture is from the website of the company that I work for. I have been very busy recently trying to get a grip on what is going on, and what I need to get accomplished on a company wide basis.

Additionally, I have been working part-time at H&R Block. The result of this is that I haven't had as much time to comment and post on things that are going on. I really wish that I did because of all the wonderous things that I could have been commenting on.

To Ezra:

I hope that you are feeling better, and that the illness that was involved was not a chronic health issue and can/will be cleared up permanently.

1. Going back to the State of the Union. I am not sure the President really got anywhere with the speech.
2. Does anyone really think that the 'surge' is really a good idea, or that it is going to change anything? After all the number of troops that was chosen (21,500) is the result of a discussion of how many troops that can actually be deployed.
3. Why are the Senate Republicans not willing to discuss the 'surge'? And more important perhaps than that, how stupid does Senator Warner look? He proposed the non-binding resolution to be debated and then voted against actually debating it.
4. The administration continues to ask for a chance for the 'surge' to work. Why, they haven't worked in the past, what makes this one different? (I haven't heard that yet. Yes I know; Take and hold a neighborhood rather than clear and leave. 21,500 additional troops are going to make this idea successful?
5. The President actually said in his news conference today that sometimes money takes precedent over peace. I am not sure what that means in his mind, but it doesn't sound good. I sure Tony Snow will find a way to explain this one tomorrow.
6. I sent an email to Senator Voinovich to express my disapproval of his stance on debating the non-binding resolution. I think that he was suckered in on this one, and that he missed what the people of Ohio were saying when they removed his political compatriot Michael DeWine from office in the November election. I hope he reconsiders and begins to pay attention to what his constituents want. Otherwise he will be looking for a new career as well.

More on the Personal Front:
1. Wife was in the hospital briefly a couple of weeks ago. She is feeling better, but the stress of my brief unemployment will leave some temporary issues, but we are getting through them slowly.
2. Father-in-Law was in the hospital at the same time that Wife was. While it has taken until now, he is starting to act 'normal' and the meds that he is on are finally taking a solid effect.
3. Other than that, things are improving slowly and I hope to be able to post regularly on the go forward.

On other note:
The snow has really been kind of heavy the last couple of days. (Okay, not Oswego County, NY heavy, but heavy.) The end of day, it is going to be cold and windy tonight. I am tired of people who drive in heavy snow with no head lights on or drive at ridiculous speeds.

Have a good one. We will return after this (hopefully) brief intermission.

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