Friday, February 17, 2006

A Wide Variety

Okay.  I think I will start with the personal and work my way out.
1.  One of my co-workers gave 2 weeks notice yesterday.  I am not overly emotional about this, as I rarely form 'deep' bonds with people at work. I do tend to like the people I work with.  This situation sort of put me into a combined depression and anxiety attack.  I really dislike change.  I am very oriented on my life working in a set way.  I don't like to have changes like people I talk with suddenly leaving.  (It is fine that she did, after all it is her life to live.)  This is one of the reason, for instance, I don't like Passover.  I dislike anything that screws with the smooth operation of MY life.
2.  An 'Of Cats and Kittens' update.
We took our older cat in to the vet yesterday to have a dental appt. (The fun of pet ownership.)  Maggie, in case I have never mentioned it, is what is commonly called a Domestic Longhair.  This basically means she is a long furred mutt cat. (And I lover her dearly)  The problem is that she is not always 'diligent' about cleaning her bottom after using the box, and on occasion her fur gets to long. (I will leave the horror of details out.)  We generally clip her 'butt' fur short at that point.  Wife decided to have her backside 'shaved' by the vet while she was 'under.'  Our little Maggie now has the back end of a 'syled' poodle.  We also discovered that calico cats have calico skin. (Probably something I could have lived without knowing.)
Anina on the other hand continues to be 'evil.'  Wife has been telling me not to say that.  I love Anina, but she is going to have to learn to be less agressive.  My wife and I have theorized that she is from a pet store.  She loves her cage, which she will get a 'time out' in if she is being particularly annoying to Maggie.  She also has a very low level of social behavoir awareness.  She keeps wanting to play with Maggie, who wants nothing to do with that.  Anina has also figured out that Maggie hates to have her backside touched, so naturally when she wants to be particularly annoying she pounces on Maggies backside, and then chases her double pawing at her behind.
3.  I should know better but on occasion I can't resist.  I was listening to El Blimpbaugh the Oxy Cottin Master for two very short stints on the radio while I was out getting lunch today.   
The first thing he was talking about was a Mother Jones article (on-line) that discussed the reasons that Paul Hackett has dropped out of the Senate Race.  And the fact that 1 or more members of Congress alledged to potential donors that Mr. Hackett perpetrated 'war crimes' in Iraq, and that they had pictures.  If, and I stress if, this a true story the members of Congress involved should be forced to resign.  Mr. Hackett, in an interview I heard the other day, was intimating this a bit himself.
The Blimpy Blowhard then discussed how Russ Finegold (D) (MN) is opposed to the renewal of the Patriot Act portions that need to be so re-inacted.  Rush, in his infinite most humorous way, puts words in Mr. Finegold's mouth basically stating that he was in favor of an 'Al Qa'eda Bill of Rights' which I find very interesting considering that what Mr. Finegold has said all along was that in his opinion there are parts of the Patriot Act that violate the Bill of Rights.
On last point about the Blimpy Blowhard, and this is not from today nor did I hear the broadcast.  Apparently when he first discussed the decision by Mr. Hackett to withdraw from the race for the Senate, he stated that one of the reason that the Congress members were backing Mr. Hacketts opponent for the nomination was that he was a black member of Congress.  There is only 1 problem with this statement, it isn't true.  Sherrod Brown, is a white man.  Now when he was corrected he hemmed and hawwed and finally made a statement that he didn't feel a need to appologise for the mistake, the he did correct himself after it had been pointed out to him several times, because he doesn't see that stating that someone is black is an insult.  (I actually agree with that, and I don't think that his listeners wanted an appology for that, but for that fact that he apparently failed to do research prior to making an 'educated and informed' statement on a political issue.)
4.  I have been leary about the whole idea of defending the 'domestic spying' program with 2 statements. 1. If I have nothing to hide, then why do I care if they phone tap me, they can phone tap me all they want.  and 2. It is a very limited program, you don't have to worry.  (How many people in this country do you suppose would be on the list if 1/2 percent of the population was on the list?  I don't know, and don't really want to think about it.)
Why am I bringing this up - try this article on for size:
The Chief of Police of Houston is advocating putting in camera's all around the city (in city, in parks, in malls, in apartment buildings and in some instances in private homes.)  Why did I find this so disturbing, his defense of the idea was "If you're not doing anything wrong, why should you worry about it?"
And how is YOUR day going?

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