Monday, August 25, 2008

DNC Day 1

I watch most of the first night of the convention this evening.

Some initial thoughts.

The tribute to and speech by Senator Edward Kennedy, had me in tears. Both were very moving and I was glad to be able to see it live. (I did record it, as my wife starts year two of Grad school tomorrow at 7:45 am and she was not able to stay up to see the entire first night.)

Michelle Obama, was very grounded in her speech. I was glad that I was able to see that also, because I got a great deal of information about her, and Barack, that I didn't know.

I did get a smile out of the 'appearance' by Barack at the end of the speech by Michelle.

I was glad that Michelle mentioned Hillary by name and gave her credit for what she was able to accomplish. I think the healing was intended to begin there.

Well, it's late I have a couple of things to take care of and a short night of sleep ahead of me, as I am taking my wife to school in the morning.

I will return tomorrow night.


I am confused.

To be honest, the title is only partially accurate, I am confused, but bewildered may be a better term.

While watching CNN this afternoon and early evening, they were discussing a number of issues surrounding how some of Hillary's supporters feel that their candidate has been slighted, and that Barack and his campaign are not respecting her.

This conversation was 'enhanced' by James Carville, in both recorded clips and a live segment, stating that one of the things that he is upset about is that Mr. Obama didn't get the input of either Senator Clinton or President Clinton in the choice of the Vice-President.

My question for Mr. Carville is did President Clinton consult with President Carter before he made a decision to name VP Gore as his VP. I am guessing the answer is no, but as I am not an insider I don't know for sure. (I would like to know that though, because I think it would reveal what a fool Carville can be.)

The other thing that was driving me nuts is that they had various supporters of Hillary say things about how they aren't going to give up the fight. The other one is those supporters who say that if Hillary isn't the nominee that they are going to vote for John McCain. This tells me one of two things, these people ONLY supported Hillary because she was a woman/former first lady, and didn't care for her policies. Or they are so afraid of Barack Obama, for some reason, that they are throwing all reason out the door. It also tells me that they are likely not 'real' Democrats, at there core. (For anyone who is offended by that, I will state that I did make the mistake of voting for the Chimp in Chief for re-election. I am still regretting that decision now.)

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