Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Update on the Job Front

Well just a quick note.

I have accomplished the mission of finding a new job.

I am working for a corporation that produces and distributes energy efficient lighting. Tax is a wonderful thing, and just about every organization needs people who know tax.

Well I will be back later to update on other things, until then have a good day.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Surge in Troops

I forget what I was listening to on the radio today but they pointed out that a surge in electricity was a bad thing. Can a surge in troops be a good thing?

The President had his primetime Iraq address last night. I found what he had to say to be rather boring and repetative. His only new point was that he is sending in the 20,000 new troops.

Additionally, I heard today that the Pentagon is taking the approach that National Guard units are all starting with a fresh position and instead of having a 5 year window for their next deployment, they are eligible for deployment at any time.

The only thing that this Adminstration is doing that I don't have a problem with is the expansion of the military. I was not sure about the cut backs under the last 2 Administrations.

A lot of the talking heads last night seemed to be comparing the stategy to gambling, the double down senario. I actually would say it is more like a drug addict trying to get that one last hit before going clean. He is trying to find a successful high before he realizes that he has completely screwed up his life.

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Tax Whale, Again

I have, unexpectedly, been given the opportunity to return to H&R Block in a seasonal tax position. I was not originally planning on going back to Block as I was asked by my former employer not to. It did take way to much out of me last year.

Updating other items:
1. I had an interview to day with a privately held corporation as to be the in-house tax person. The company is facinating and I will give more information on this at a later time if I get the position. This opportunity called on me, and I found it to be a very interesting opportunity.

2. Tomorrow I have an interview with a small wealth management firm to be an in-house tax preparer for their client base. This was in the Sunday paper and I have no idea what to think about for this position.

3. I have a phone screening tomorrow also for a Law firm that is in downtown Cleveland to be an in-house tax preparer. This is a potentially very good opportunity. I have thought of going to law school and it seems that a law firm may be a good place to learn if that is something I truly want to do.

4. Father-in-law has been driving wife absolutely nuts. As we have noted before, Father-in-law has anxiety and panic/depression issues, (same type that Wife has) but refuses to admit (unlike Wife) that he has them. He has been taking Cipro for one problem, Diflucan for another problem, and Xanex to control the anxiety/panic. We (the family) have been trying to get him to go back on an anti-depression medication. (He was on one for about 2 years and went off it this summer. He has had just about every test you can imagine trying to find out why he has the chest pains and breathing problems, in my house we call these Panic Attacks because we have the ability to admit what is wrong with us.) Since going off the medications he has been driving Mother-in-law crazy. (Although in Wife's family that is a short trip.) Any way, he recently started taking the medication for the depression. (It happens to be the one he took before, one that I am on, and Wife was on previously.) He reads on line regularly about his drug interactions and then he has what ever symptoms the interactions say may happen. (His mother is like this.) On Monday night he called Wife about 10 times between 8:00pm and 3:00am. (Wife then had a panic attack and he finally apparently went to sleep.) It turned out to be a very, very long night.

Well I have one more thing to post separately, but wife came home and I will need to talk to her shortly.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Are You Missing Any Mail?

This was a story that didn't get a lot of press, though it was on the television news for about 24 hours. Apparently, toward the end of December our very honorable and trustworthy President, His Royal Majesty W the first, signed a piece of legislation that prevents the reading of mail illegal without a warrent. This is wonderful news until you look at his signing statement. He basically says in that the if he deems to be an emergency, that he will then just ignore the law and do what ever he wishes.

What exactly is it about this twit that makes him believe that he is above the law simple because he is the President?

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