Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Various Things On My Mind

1.  I've been meaning to post this little story for a while but haven't had the place to put it up.  We I was preparing to return home from Columbus two Friday's ago from the tax conference that I attended I had a nice experience.  I had taken down my companies display and packed it up.  I had walked back the 1/2 block or to get my car. 
In the morning when I had left the hotel I didn't have any money in my pocket to tip the Bellman who had taken my luggage and was going to be placing it in my car.  When I returned mid-afternoon to get my car, the bellman was still on duty and was outside of the hotel helping a new patron unload his car.  I got his attention and gave him a small gratutity for his help and thanked him again.  As I was walking away, he thanked me for remembering him, and then asked me (And I am not sure exactly why) if I was Jewish.  I responded in the affirmative, to which he said "Well Mr wolf, you have a very good Sabbath."  I thanked him and we had a brief continuing conversation after that, but it was very up lifting to have a complete stranger say that, and I wished to publicly acknowledge him even though he will likely never know.
2. This story is completely different from the previous one, but I found the concept so frightening and fascinating that I thought I would share the shock with you.
A woman was arrested in the Chilicothe Ohio area for alledgely firing a gun.  She was arrested by police despite not being able to locate the gun in question.  She was booked and placed in a jail cell in the 'county pokey.'  After a short period of time, and several trips to the bathroom, the guards heard a gun shot.  It seems that she had gone to the bathroom and then sat down back in the 'main' part of the cell when the shot was heard. (Luckily no one was injured in this bizarre incident.)  When police began to try to find out what was going on, it was revealed that the woman who was arrest had smuggled the gun, in to jail, inside her 'female parts.'
3.  Again a complete change in subject. (Which after that last one I hope that everyone is releaved about.)  I just wanted to express my concern about a cousin who in currently hospitalized, and the base cause of what is going on hasn't been figured out yet.  I hope he recovers and has many years of a happy and healthy life ahead of him.
He is in the 'Medical ICU' of the hospital he is at, and I have been praying since I had first heard about the situation.
4. Several quick hits on TV
   a.  I have been truly enjoying the second half of season 2 of BattleStar Galactica.  The last two episodes have been very  strange but interesting.
   b.  I have yet to see the last two episodes of '24,'  but I am finding this season just as frustrating as the previous ones. (Very well done though.)
   c.  New episode of 'The Closer' due in June.

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