Monday, July 23, 2007

You-Tube Debate

I watched a good portion of the Democratic You-Tube debate this evening on CNN. I found this to be a good way to handle the asking of questions. Even though the network had control of which questions were asked, it didn't have a great deal of control over what questions were submitted. Some of the questions were not what a 'trained' moderator would have asked.

Mike Gravel, as usual, probably did the best job for a candidate that has no chance of getting the nomination. My wife and I both thought that Dennis Kucinich did well when he had a chance to speak, and neither of us usually care for him as a politician. Congressman Kucinich usually seems to be much more 'out there' than he did this evening while we were watching.

Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton did a good job, a few odd statements in how things were said but otherwise did well.

Senator Dodd seemed to do much better and appealled to my wife this evening. We both were sometimes annoyed and sometimes interested by what Senator Biden had to say.

My favorite going into the debate was Senator Edwards. As usual, I feel he did a great job of answering the questions that were asked of him, and making his points. I liked Edwards in 2004 as my second choice, I am mildly embarassed to admit that I was a Lieberman supporter then. I find Edwards to be refreshing and sincere in his desire to help this country, and I think that coming as he did from 'humble' beginnings that he has a good understanding of the general public and the 'little people' in this country who may be often overlooked.

As for Senator Lieberman, I have to say I am not very happy with him. I understand why he was upset with Democratic leadership in the 2006 elections, but I don't understand why he doesn't see the real situation in Iraq. I am not asking him to say anything against anyone, but I just don't understand how he is letting his pride or ego over rule the reality of Iraq. I keep hoping that he will stop acting like such a utter putz, and move on to the help this country like a good religious Jew should. I am tired of him constantly putting his ego ahead of the good of the country. I am not at the point a lot of Democrats are saying he should just 'leave' and become a Republican, I feel he needs to stop acting like a Bush supporter in the Senate and look at all of the damage that has been done to our democracy with that twit in office.


Michael Vick's Issues

I would like to state up front that while discussing this issue I know that Mr. Vick has not been convicted and that until he is convicted the correct term is alleged connection to dog fighting but for the sake of expediance will only refer here after in this post as his connection to dog fighting.

Dog fighting is, I think MOST people feel, is a barbaric and disgusting practice. (At least I hope most people feel that way. Mr. Vick's connection to is, to say the very least, problematic. I also think Mr. Vick should be 'given time-off'' during the period he is defending himself against the allegations. I also believe that his team mates will likely hope that he is there, especially if they feel that he gives them the best chance of winning games. Both of these last two statements are contradictory and one side has to give. I think the man's personal issues should come before the game, but I doubt that the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons, or Mr. Vick himself are going to see it that way because there is to much money involved.

I heard a statement early this morning on ESPN Radio that was rather absurd. The statement was something about the fact that this story is continuing to be talked about because Mr. Vick is a star and people are trying to 'bring the star down.' (None of that is exactly what was said, but it is a good approximation.) My response was two fold: First I ranted for a minute in the car about the stupidity of the statement, and then I changed radio stations. (To be fair I was planning the station change before the statement, but it changed immediately afterword as a response to the statement.) I don't believe the statement about the continued discussion to be true in any way. I believe that if Mr. Vick had been guilty of a wild sex party on a boat, or stupid actions in a strip club that the discussion would have waned by now. (Mainly because it has with other big name players.) I believe that the particular 'sport' that Mr. Vick was accused of participating in is the reason for the discussion.

The property had 66 dogs seized as part of the raid that lead to the indictment. Many if not all will eventually have to be put down because they will not be able to be 'reformed' successfully. I find it hard to believe that if Mr. Vick had visited this property at any time since 2001 (when the allegations stem back to) that he is either a complete idiot to not know what was going on, or he actively didn't know what was going on, either is a result of his own lack of action. I really have to believe that he was parbably involved, if for no other reason that the other option is illogical. (Though as stated at the beginning of the post, I still feel that the situation is an alleged legal infraction. ) I am also not sure how one can 'support' what Mr. Vick did, some people still do.

My harsh punishment side is leading to want to take Mr. Vick out to an enclosed back yard cover him in iching power and raw meat, and then release the dogs, and see if Mr. Vick likes to be attacked by his own dogs in a dog fighting situation. That having been said, IF Mr. Vick is guilty, because of his stardom, I would like to see him treated harshly (with in the limits of the law). This may be the best opportunity to teach him, and many others in this country, about the horrors of Dog Fighting.

One final related point: Mr. Vick has got to be at least a bit of an idiot, when the allegations first surfaced, he blamed his cousin and apparently expected his cousin to just take the penalty himself. His cousin turned around and negotiated with the government and threw Mr. Vick 'under the bus' in order to save himself.

Updated: 10:21pm 7/23/07: I saw a short time ago that the NFL has asked Mr. Vick to not attend training camp until it has finished a review of the strength of the charges he is facing. I am not sure I am upset about this. I do feel that it is time for the various sports leagues to 'get tougher' with the various employees of those leagues. That is all the employees, coaches, players and referees.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Though of the Week

John Lehman:

Power corrupts. Absolute power is kind of neat.

Found this to be an interesting statement. Kind of follows along with the Presidents joke several years ago about how being a dictator would be easier, especially if he was the dictator. It seems to me, he would think absolute power was kind of neat.


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