Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Quick Movie Review

I saw the Curious George movie over the weekend.  Wife's nephew and neice were visiting and this was part of the planned activities.
I really wasn't expecting much from the movie.  I had heard less than glowing reports, and was looking forward to being disappointed. 
I have to say I was far from disappointed, the four of us all enjoyed the movie.  The animation was decent and done in the art style of the original books.  They didn't try to adapt any of the books directly, but just tell a story and capture the 'tone' of the books.  They added some specific events from the books but they fit in with the story.
I would very likely see the movie again myself if I had the time, and would recommend it for anyone who has children.  The movie had jokes that were enjoyable for the whole audience. (Unlike, say, a Disney movie where there are jokes for the kids and other jokes that are for the parents.)

Thanks! I'll try to see it with my kids when it makes it to Israel...
I saw this movie yesterday with my kids.
It was really the most pleasant movie I've seen in a long time..

I hope you do, I think you'll enjoy it, especially if you loved the books as a child.

I had much the same thought myself. It really was just a fun 90 minutes.
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