Monday, February 06, 2006

What 'Under Oath' Between Friends?

I really don't understand why Republicans and their business allies seem to not need to be under oath when they testify before Congress.  Only one reason for not being under oath when you testify before Congress seems to come to mind, and that is that you are planning on lying from the beginning and are trying to mitigate the damage.
Alberto Gonzales, the 'Chief Legal Officer,' of the corporation that Jr. thinks he's running testified before Congress today about the 'Domestic Spying' issue. The Democrats forced a vote on whether he should be under oath and lost. (As a side note when Congress investigated the Waco Affair, the A.G. was under oath, but then that was the Clinton Administration.)
It seems that the Republicans are doing everything they can to force themselves to loose at least one, if not both, houses of Congress by providing the Democrats with more and more amunition to use against them.

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