Friday, March 09, 2007

Some thoughts on the news

1.  I am not sure why, but the news about Newt Gingrich being involved in an infidelity during the time he was attacking President Clinton is actually about as Ironic as it could get. I don't really care about it, but I find him bringing it up when he is preparing to possibly run for President to be rather funny.
2.  The President has gone to Brazil and discussed the dangers of being reliant on foreign oil sources.  As part of this statement he has signed an agreement with Brazil that will increase the production in this hemisphere of alternative fuels.  I find this to be a rather funny thing as well.  A President that has us fighting a war that is 'allegedly' over oil, telling the world how dangerous it is.  Does this fall under the NO Duh catagory?  I think so.
3.  The at Walter Reed Army Medical Center is just frightening.  How does an administration that claims to support the troops allow something like this to happen?  I would address this situation further, but I am not really sure what to say.
4.  Does anyone think that it took Senator Obama an extended period of time to pay off the Harvard University parking tickets to be any more of a problem than his having attended an Muslim school while a child?
5.  As one could expect the FBI was unable to restrain from abusing the Patriot Act provisions that allowed it to investigate 'terrorists?'
6.  Is it me or is the fact that the President asked for a new plank in the Patriot Act renewal that allowed an Administration to fire Federal Prosecutors and replace them at will with out the normal vetting process in the Senate, and then abused the authority really all that suprising?
Well have a good Shabbot, and I hope every one had a safe Purim celebration.


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