Friday, March 02, 2007

Family Update

A couple things I thought I would pass on:
1. The reason for the continuation of a lower number of posts is two-fold:
     a.  I have been working my full time job and then working as a tax-whale on several nights a week.
     b.  I was basically unable to post for a week due to a death in Wife's family.
2. The death in Wife's family was of her Grandmother.  Grandmother was the one who slapped Father-in-Law last year.  It was a sudden thing, though we found out latter that she had been suffering from the flu for about 8 days and hadn't gone for help when she died.
3. I was at work for the weekend that she died helping move our warehouse from location A to location B.  As a company we moved over 4500 pallets from the old facility to the new facility from Friday at 6am and Sunday at 6pm.  (Friday and Saturday were 2 10 hour shifts.)  It was really a rather amazing thing to see happen.  Unfortunately some of the pallets didn't make it to the correct location, but for the most part everything was fairly smoothly done.
4.  Wife is not working currently and also is preparing to go back to school to get a graduate degree in Nursing.  I will update this issue as time allows.
5.  During the week of the funeral for Wife's Grandmother:  Father-in-law had a stomach virus. He passed this to Mother-in-law, who was unable to attend Grandmother's funeral.  Wife had Strep Throat and was unable to full-fill her 'assigned' duties for about a week of caring for her Grandfather.
Brother-in-law also got ill with the virus. (He also passed his CDL licensing, and will be going through a three week orientation program)

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