Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's Not My Fault, It's Him. All Him.

Alberto Gonzalez, in what seems to be the standard operating procedures of the Administration, apparently is putting the blame for the firing of the 8 US Attorney's on his (now former) Chief of Staff.

Dispite what appears to be an increasing amount of information that the Attorney General and The White House (oh that is very general isn't it) were very involved in the preparation and execution (in more than one way) of the plan. It also appears that former Supreme Court Nominee Harriet Miers, who if I remember correctly thought Unitary Executive W was the smartest man she knew, was the one who 'proposed' this idea. (This may explain her leaving the administration when she did. She may very well saw this coming and jump while the jumping was good.

I find this situation very disturbing. Not because the firing of US Attorney's is a problem, but that this was obviously a reasoned political strategy that was designed to increase the power of the executive branch at the expense of the judiciary and to try and 'marginalize' the political process in this country.

In his press conference today, Alberto Gonzalez said basically said that the situation was under control and that he is refusing to resign. I wouldn't expect him to resign, after all he is having to much fun and being way to successful at taking away the civil liberties of the citizens in this country. (But at least we are bring Democracy to the Middle East.)

I think it's time for Congress to 'turn up the heat.' It appears that they may, but I have questions whether the Democrats in Congress have the balls to actually do anything, but getting rid of the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (The AG AG) would be a start to putting things back to normal in this country.

As a final note, I heard on the radio today that one of the articles of the Nixon Impeachment articles was interference in the judicial process by trying to manipulate the make up of the US Attorneys to facilitate using the judicial system to go after 'political enemies.' OOPPS.


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