Monday, March 26, 2007

An Old Discussion?

Uri Avery

The above linked article is about Israeli and Arab education. Or more specifically it deals with how children are educated to 'hate' the other side and whether text books on both sides (or either side) are at fault.

My first clue of the 'tone' of the article was when the author used the line "These are foundations of the far-right, disguised as "scientific" bodies, which are lavishly funded by Jewish-American multi-millionaires. " This statement really begins the premise of the article is full view of the reader. Why is it that the approach by either side of a discussion is to attack the other side as being intellectually dishonest. (After all that is what that statement really gets down to.

I believe that the problem, on both sides, stems from the basis of the world view at home. But I don't believe that the problem is solely based on that. I was raised in a home in which we were proud to be Jews, but Israel, other than when there was a war, wasn't really a factor. I have come to the conclusion that Israel is much more important to me than my mother ever has. Part of this may be that my mother was born before Israel was re-born. She lived a portion of her life (to adulthood) with out Israel being a living breathing entity.

I find that the idea that everything that is going on in the Middle East to be the fault of any one person or group of people to be ridiculous. I understand that everyone has a perspective, I tend to side with the Israeli perspective, and with the 'right-wing' of the Israeli political spectrum. I am not saying I am in lock step on that, any more than I am in agreement with everything the Democrats do or say in this country.

The author has a good point, that in order to change the situation you need to change how both sides think. I don't like the idea that anyone in the US is being blamed for the situation. There are as many wealthy Jews in the US that would support the author and the organization that he supports as any 'Right Wing' causes. The author is guilty, though to a lesser extent, of exactly what he is accusing the 'Right Wing' of.

I don't believe that the Palestinians are a true peace partner, and until the use of violence as a political tool ceases, they won't be a true peace partner. I also believe that that won't occur for some time because they have had success in getting part of their goals accomplished. Am I saying that Israel is the perfect peace negotiation partner. Of course not, I believe Israel can change what they do and how they do it, but that they are trying the best they know how in the situation they are in. The 'Far Left' in Israel, and the US for that matter, overlook the motivation of human nature. I would love to think that Israel, or the US for that matter, could just disband their militaries and that we would be safe, but that is not how the other sides in some of these situations behave, so it becomes a question of how to best accomplish what is in the majority's interest. I don't know what the answer is, but Israel signing on to end her own existence is a non-starter.


I am glad you are still posting. I am sorry I have not replied sooner. All is well with me, I was sad to read about the things that have been going on in your life. It appears as if things are getting better for you, maybe the new year has brought us both better luck.
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