Wednesday, December 27, 2006

In Memorium: President Gerald Rudolph Ford

A few thoughts from my memories of the former President. I was young when Mr. Ford assumed the Presidency. Aside from President Nixon's re-election, this was the first major political issue that I remember. I also remember when he pardoned his predecessor. I don't seem to remember truly understanding at the time what the meaning of that was or the up-roar over the situation.

In looking back from my knowledge now I found the move to be one of the hardest I think that I have seen, in my life time, a President have to make. I saw several different channels talking about it tonight and I have to believe the simple fact that none of his advisors thought that it was a good idea, probably is the best defining moment of Mr. Ford's early Presidency.

I have on other thought that I feel the need to express at this time of night, and that is that I truly believe that Mr. Ford may have been one of the last truly humble and genuine politicians that we will have on the American Stage. (I am not sure that genuine and politician truly belong together in a sentence, but you get the idea.

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