Saturday, December 30, 2006

Another Week Another Update

So where are we:
  1. When last we spoke, I was preparing for an interview on Tuesday of this week and not really sure what I was going to do. That interview went well, but due to the time of year, nothing really came of it as yet. One of the positions that I previously interviewed for decided to not offer the job based on my credit history which is not very good because of a previous unemployment that lasted for 2.5 years. ( I have started making phone calls and sending emails to see if there is something I can do to get this situation redressed as I feel that this may be the best situation for me overall.) I had an interview on Friday with Accountemps, and they may have a 3+ month temporary position for me that would begin on January 8. In addition to this I spoke to a couple of the recruiters that I am working with and they may have interview opportunities for me as early as next week. Every time I get down about the situation, I seem to get another reason to be positive about the next week. (As I have said to Wife several times recently, I just have to keep Doors and Windows in mind.)
  2. On the In-Law front. Father-in-Law has seen a new medical specialist, and seems to be very enthusiastic about the direction this Doctor is proceeding. Father-in-Law was supposed to be picking up his parents for the day on Christmas, but there was another in the continuing soap opera that is Wife's family. As you will likely remember Wife's Grandmother had 'taken back' Grandfather to live in an independent apartment, despite this being wholly inappropriate for his current situation. Father-in-Law had discussed that when Grandmother and Grandfather came to visit, that Grandfather would need to wear Depends, surprisingly this did not cause a huge problem. Two days before they went to pick them up, Father-in-Law mentioned in a casual way that she should make sure to bring an extra set of clothing with them, just to be on the safe side. (I believe they may have heard the response in Iraq, but I am not sure.) Basically, Grandmother got very nasty and said that Grandfather has never had an accident. (Actually we know of at least 3 that he did have all in the last several months. Some of which lead to the situation of them moving from one building at the facility that they are in to another.) Father-in-Law called his sister to discuss the situation only to discover that Grandfather had had accidents the two previous nights. (Apparently Grandmother told Father-in-Law's Sister that there was a ghost in the apartment that had left poop-balls, not sure of the official term used, around the apartment.) When Father-in-Law's Sister talked to Grandmother, she got an ear full. Then Father-in-Law's Niece or, as Wife call's her, The Chosen Granddaughter got on the phone to 'calm Grandmother down,' she got told off. The Chosen Granddaughter has NEVER been spoken to by Grandmother this way before. (At least to our knowledge.) The Chosen Granddaughter has had a number of problems over the last 6 years or so, and when Father-in-Law's Sister got back on the phone she was told by Grandmother that she was a bad mother and that is why her daughter turned out the way she did. (The fact that Grandmother undermined the parental power of both her daughter and son-in-law had nothing to do with it apparently.)
  3. Back to the Job Front for just a moment. I forgot to add above that I did not end up going to North Virginia for the 2 interviews. Why, well I didn't have the money and family pressure.
  4. I have heard from 2 of my clients in the last week. One is living in Italy and wants to get a head start on his tax return. The other is living in Denver and has issues from last years tax return. ( And to my favorite trolls out there, no the issues were not a result of anything I did or didn't do.) I find it facinating that people continue to know exactly when I need that emotional/ego boost, even when they are unaware of what is going on in my life.
  5. The only real news on Step-Sister is that she is planning on divorcing her husband. I got some old information on the situation though. When Step-Brother-2 was going to our home town to visit our brother-in-law, Step-Sister told him about the situation, and he decided not to visit. (Yeay for my big brother. I am happy someone did this.) Step-Brother-1 was not happy about the situation when he found out, but is having problems in his own marriage because of mental health issue for Step-Brother-1's Wife. Step-Brother-1's middle son and wife had a baby. (I only found out because they were going to be at the Hannukah party. I didn't end up going to it because neither Wife or I were feeling well.)
  6. I was supposed to be in Colorado this week for a wedding. For financial reasons, obviously, this was not going to be a trip we were taking. (Actually this was decided long before the lay-off.) I am moderately happy that it occured this way as Colorado is getting the big snow storms and I am hoping for a predominately Snow Free winter this year. (I really get tired of snow and cold very quickly.)

Well I can't think of anything else that I need to get off my chest this evening, I will update again when I have time.


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