Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why Is It Important?

It seems to be important somehow that the Tomb of Jesus has been found.  So I have been trying to decide why this is an important issue.
Okay, if Jesus was buried and did not 'rise from the grave' after three days, it sort of destroys the basic theological points of modern Christianity.  But is this really an important thing, after all the concept of Jesus' divinity was in dispute by early Christians and was partially resolved the the historical occurance of the Rise of Islam.
All that aside, let's exam the issue at hand.
If this is the Tomb of Jesus, does it change the reality that Christianity will not accept it and it is difficult, if not impossible, confirm that is or isn't the real thing.  Since faith is a major part of any religion, it will not 'shake the faith' of people who are 'true Christians.'  If it isn't the Tomb of Jesus, nothing changes.  As such no change in the situation so it really isn't an issue. (Unless of course you are a sociologist or archeologist.)
The biggest thing that bugged me about the whole report was something I saw on CNN at about 2:30am last night.  It seem that they are partially basing the identification of the situation on one item, a name on one of the containers that had the words 'Jesus', 'Son of', and 'Joseph.'  And they were reading these names (on the screen) from left to right.  The only problem the way they were written (being in Hebrew) it should have been read Joseph son of Jesus.


Maybe they were dyslexic.
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