Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Surge in Troops

I forget what I was listening to on the radio today but they pointed out that a surge in electricity was a bad thing. Can a surge in troops be a good thing?

The President had his primetime Iraq address last night. I found what he had to say to be rather boring and repetative. His only new point was that he is sending in the 20,000 new troops.

Additionally, I heard today that the Pentagon is taking the approach that National Guard units are all starting with a fresh position and instead of having a 5 year window for their next deployment, they are eligible for deployment at any time.

The only thing that this Adminstration is doing that I don't have a problem with is the expansion of the military. I was not sure about the cut backs under the last 2 Administrations.

A lot of the talking heads last night seemed to be comparing the stategy to gambling, the double down senario. I actually would say it is more like a drug addict trying to get that one last hit before going clean. He is trying to find a successful high before he realizes that he has completely screwed up his life.

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