Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hero of the Day

On August 22 I posted about Cell Phone Etiquette. Today I was going to an appointment with a doctor and had to cross a major road in order to get to the clinic building that housed the doctor. There were police officers for car and pedestrian traffic control purposes on both sides of the road. The light changed and the traffic on the main road came to a stop. A moron in a suit with a cell phone stuck on his ear came to a late stop in the middle of the pedestrian crossing lane. The officer on my side of the road entered the road and began yelling at the driver telling him that he was violating the 'full attention to the road' requirements.

I am finally glad that someone got a chance to yell at one of these morons. They are a menace to both themselves and others. I will admit that I have done this on occasion, but never in heavy pedestrian areas and usually when the traffic is very light.

I would advocate that all drivers who feel the need to talk on the cell phone when driving use at least some common sense.
1. Don't talk on the phone in heavy traffic.
2. Don't talk on the phone in areas where there is a large amount of pedestrian traffic.
3. Use any hands free equipment that is available for your phone, or acquire a phone that has a speaker phone function.

Please consider that you are placing both your life and that of others in to harm's way for the sake of the call. If it isn't an important call.

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