Monday, August 22, 2005

Cell Phone Etiquette.

I would like to start by saying that idea for this has been hanging around my head for a short time, but was spurred by our friend Shifra at askShifa and her Restroom Rules post.

These are somethings that bother me.
1. No one is so important or so busy that they need to be on the phone in the restroom/bathroom.
2. If you in a checkout line trying to purchase items, get the HELL off the phone, no one else wants to hear your business, and having been a cashier for a year, it is as annoying as hell to try and communicate with someone when they are trying unload a cart, and talk on the phone.
3. If you are in a store, don't yell into your cellphone, as with #2 no one else cares about your personal business.
4. If you are on a cell phone in public, don't carry on a discussion about your intimate business. I don't want to know who you had sex with over the weekend or how drunk you were. (Actually these conversations shouldn't be in public at all.)
5. Unless it is an emergency, don't answer your cell phone when you are having a conversation with someone else. It is both rude and disrespectful.
6. NO ONE needs to be in contact 24/7. (Unless you are leader of a country/ other level of government.) Shut the Damn thing off once in a while.
7. Cell phones are phones they are not toys, quite playing with them if you are board.
8. If you need the evening out number block service on your cell phone for those night you go out drinking, perhaps you should consider the fact that you may have a drinking problem instead of taking advantage of this stupid service.
9. Children/Young adults should be taught the appropriate use of a cell phone. That they are for emergencies and for communications with family. They are not to just make random phone calls while you are wandering a store. (related to several of the above.)
And finally:
10. Put the phone away and enjoy a little peace and quite, after all G-D didn't create nature for us to waste time babbling senselessly about every little thing that pops in to our heads. (That is why G-D created Blogs. So we can type and rant with out disturbing others. Unless they want to be disturbed by them.)

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