Monday, August 03, 2009

Something New

This is going to be a new start so to speak.

It has been some time since I wrote with any consistency, but I am going to try to do more for several reasons.
1. I am in a new place, and by myself at the moment. (More in a moment)
2. I feel a need to express myself again, something I haven't felt like doing much in quite sometime.
3. I miss just getting things that are bothering me off my chest, even if the outside world neither knows or cares.
I am sure there are other reasons as well, but this seems like enough for now.

Now the new place additional information.

I have relocated from Northeast Ohio to North Western New York. I have basically moved from the middle of Lake Erie to the Eastern end of Lake Erie. I am currently working and living in the Buffalo area.

I have been here for five weeks as of yesterday, and started a new job 5 weeks ago today. It was almost a year of living with out me or my wife working and that made for a very long and financially draining year. My wife is still living in Northeast Ohio, but will hopefully be joining me before the beginning of October.

The best way to describe my home situation is camping in an apartment. I am sleeping on an inflatable mattress, I have a card table to serve as both my table and desk. I have a camping chair, a lazy boy recliner (not really the most camping like item), no real eating utensils, (and I am getting really tired of plastic silverware) and a cat. Actually I have a TV but unfortunately it got dropped when I was moving it into the apartment and it doesn't work anymore.

That being said I am preparing to move forward with a new chapter of my life, and as I said earlier, I feel a need to express myself again.

So here I am.


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