Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Health Care Reform

I plan on writing on the health care reform quite a bit because I feel that this is a very important issue. As such I am going to give a little background on why this is important to me.

Both my wife and I have a 'pre-existing conditions.' I have Crohn's Disease, my wife has a mental health problem.

The problem is this. I have been unemployed several times over the last few years. None of these umemployments have been a result of anything on my preformance. My wife has, until the last couple of years, worked as a nurse. She is in graduate school and hasn't been working.

During the last year, we had to pay $641.00 per month for medical insurance, this we had to do with no income other than unemployment. We also had to pay rent, car payments, buy food, buy medications. pay for utilities, and all the other day to day expenses that everyone has. To accomplish this we had to borrow money from family and friends, as well as use ALL of our retirement savings.

I am not asking for a hand out. I am willing to pay for my insurance. But I strongly feel that changes need to be made. That being said I feel that I have given you the situation and basis for my perspective. Starting in the next couple of days I will start to discuss the issues as I see them. Hopefully Someone out there will feel the need to discuss the issues.


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