Monday, September 01, 2008

John McCain's World

I am not completely sure what John McCain was thinking when he picked Ms Palin. (Several people I have talked to had an initial reaction of "did he just say he picked Michael Palin of Monty Python?"

She gave a terrible, very unorganized speech on Friday, and I found her voice to be annoying and screechy.

I found it rather funny that her 17 year old daughter was pregnant when it was released today. Wife kept trying to tell me that she wasn't 17 and that the baby was her's. (I guess from the rumors on the internet, my wife isn't the only one.) I also think that it was interesting, that the press release was all candy and flowers about the issue. I have a feeling that the news wasn't received at home quite that well.

They said that she is going to be marrying the father of the baby so I just was hoping to get several questions off my mind:
  1. Where did the girl and the father of the baby meet?
  2. How old is the father?
  3. When is the wedding?
A separate list of questions in about the Palin family come to mind.
And several questions about John and his wife:

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r u married? your poor wife. u didn't make an issue out of the baby that has down syndrome, u should read about that.
Why would I have a problem with the baby having Downs?

That has nothing to do with the questions about rhetoric versus action. My points were all centered on those issues with the Palin family.

Although, she did cut funding to Special Olympics, and now says she wants to be an advocate in the White House for special needs children.
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