Monday, September 01, 2008

DNC Days 2-4

I enjoyed the rest of the convention last week.

I though Hillary and Bill did what they had to, and hope that her voters will listen and move to support Barack for the general election.

Joe Biden's speech really impressed me, I don't remember him giving that good of a speech in quite some time. (I also felt that if Hillary had spoke as well as she did at the convention through out the campaign, the out come might have been very different.)

The Speech that Barack gave was outstanding. My first comment to my wife was that he was quite as dynamic as he usually is, but he was much more presidential than usual.

I have comments on John McCain, but will do those separately.

As PS on the Day one comments: I thought Nancy Pelosi look very good, but was very dull on the speech front. (She doesn't always look all that good to me.

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