Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cats cats everywhere, but not a drop to ...

Just a quick update on the feline situation, as I haven't mention them in a very long time. Our evil Siamese Anina, is doing well. I know I had mentioned previously that she was having seizures and that we had begun treating them with Phenobarb. Well she was doing very well for a period of time, but appears to be having an increase in seizures. She is due for an annual exam after the first of the year, so we will find out if we need to up her med.

Maggie the Cat, our older, domestic long-hair has been not feeling well. We noticed about 10 days ago that she seemed to be losing a large amount of weight. After seeing if the problem was that Anina was eating her food, we determined that she wasn't eating. (As a result, a 9 pound cat became a 7 pound cat.) After 2 exams in three days (we had a substitute vet over the weekend because the regular vet was out of town for a family Bar Mitzvah) we have determined that there was a problem. (I know, pretty obvious being that she lost so much weight.)

Wife had take Maggie to her second appointment on Monday, and the Doctor determine that she had an enlarged bowel. (I was un-aware but apparently she had had a large lymph-node at her last exam.) (My first comment after learning of the enlarged bowel was that at least I now knew for sure she was my child. Those damn Crohn's genes apparently did make in to her) The vet gave Wife 3 options: 1. some test that would cost $900.00, 2. exploratory surgery, that would cost $900.00, or 3. putting her on a chemo drug and prednisone, as it was likely to be lymphoma, and that would be the likely end result anyway. (cost $400.00 for 2 visits, which was not part of the previously listed $900.00, and which include the Prednisone and a drug to increase her appetite. (about $20.00 for the months supply of prednisone) and $25.00 for the chemo med. Wife, in her infinite wisdom chose to go with what was behind door number 3. End result. She is now on chemo and prednisone for the future.

My cats are nearly as expensive on the med front as kids.


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