Sunday, October 28, 2007

Senator Larry Craig and bathroom stalls

I know I am a bit late on this one, but since the good Senator keeps popping up trying to defend himself, and I wanted to throw a bit of water on the 'honorable' Senator from Idaho, I thought I would just get this off my chest.

I have a bit of trouble accepting Senator Craig's story. That having been put out of the way I have a couple of comments on the overall situation before I actually analyze his story. Personally, I do not give a rats bare behind whether Senator Craig is gay, straight, bi-sexual, sleeping with sheep on weekends (as long as the sheep is consenting), or likes playing with a rubber reproduction of human anatomy. As long as everyone involved is a consenting adult, it is none of my, or anyone else's business. (Good, I got that out of the way.)

So let me analyze the story that Senator Craig has told(As a point here I spend a lot of time in bathrooms and public restrooms because of Crohn's Disease.):
1. He was just waiting for a stall to open, not 'staring' in to the 'sting officers' stall to check him out. I will just 'jump in' as they say; when I am in a bathroom waiting for a stall, I will rarely stand outside a specific stall because I don't like when someone is standing outside my stall. On this point we will give Senator Craig a pass, mostly because I do not know the set up of the men's room in question or how busy it was at the time Senator Craig was in need of his relief.
2. I have a wide stance while going to the bathroom. Aside from this being far into the realm of more information than I needed to know about Senator Craig, we are crying BULLSHIT on this one. I do not know the waist line of the Senator's pants, but if he were sitting down to do his business, and had pulled his pants down, his legs would only go to a certain distance out. With this excuse Senator Craig is either is much fatter than he looks on TV (which I doubt) or he didn't have his pants down. If he didn't have his pants down, then why was he in a stall to begin with, and if he is very fat, he probably shouldn't have fit into a standard size stall.
3. I wasn't waiving under the stall wall, I was reaching for a piece of toilet paper I dropped. Well aside from the yuck factor of picking up toilet paper off of a dirty bathroom floor. I believe we shall categorize this one as BULLSHIT as well. As stated above, I am unfortunate enough to have to use a lot of public bathrooms. While I don't claim to be 'normal' I don't really believe that the upstanding gentleman from Idaho was trying to pick up toilet paper that fell under the stall. The only time I pick up toilet paper I have dropped in a public bathroom is when I have another piece of toilet paper in my hand. (I don't know what is on the floor and I have a compromised immune system.
4. Senator Craig's response to being informed that the person in the next stall was a police officer and that he was under arrest. "Do you know who I am, I am a US Senator." This is definite the statement of a person trying to intimidate the officer. Our response: "Senator Craig, nobody is above the law in the United States."
5. I only plead guilty because they were pressuring me and I felt that it was the best way to quickly resolve the issue. Our response was and is, you don't plead guilty if you did nothing wrong. We also felt that his trying to quickly make this go away seems to be an odd approach.

We have one other point that we feel needs to be added here. When Senator Craig stood up as this story broke and assured everybody that he was not gay, has never been gay, and loves his wife we were skeptical. When we found out it wasn't the first time that the 'honorable' Senator had done this it really raised some questions. In our final analysis we have come to this conclusion: Senator Craig should resign his seat for clearly lying to the public about this incident and also for pleading guilty to a crime he claims he didn't commit. If he plead guilty and was guilty of nothing, he has poor judgement and should not be in a decision making position. If he is guilty of something in that bathroom than he should resign because he is a liar and a hypocrite and that does not a good Senator make.

BOTTOM LINE: We feel that Senator Craig is a closeted Homosexual (not that that is bad) and that he should come clean on his sexuality, he should also apologize to the people of the State of Idaho for being such a yutz and lying his way through the years.

We call on Senator Craig to stop the political bullshit road show, admit that he is lying about the incident in Minneapolis, and resign his post. Then maybe the Senate can look at something important, like whether Move On.Org or Rush Limbaugh should be discussed in the Senate for something stupid they did.


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