Thursday, October 18, 2007

Republican Party Pratfalls

Okay, so the President vetos the S-CHIP bill. I don't agree with the move, but that is fine. Could someone please explain what the Republican party as a whole gets out of not supporting an override of the veto.

Lower Income and Lower-Middle Class income earners who do not have health insurance for themselves and their children not at least being able to get good health care for their children seems to be almost a criminal offense. I just don't see what they think they are gaining here. The bill was designed to raise the additional money's needed to pay for the expanded program; and the largest advantage is that by providing health insurance to at least a portion of the uninsured population, we will be saving everyone money on the health care front. (I am sure that everyone knows that the uninsured are 'part of the problem' of health care costs as they tend to wait until a problem is so bad that it is more expensive to treat, and they also tend to use the most expensive forms of health care to get that treatment. As a result of the increase we all, companies and individuals, pay hire health care costs to cover the costs that the facilities need to write off because fo uninsured people.)

In addition to helping control, if only in a small way, the rising cost of health care, the Republicans at least appear to be going against what the majority seems to support.


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