Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ann Coulter

In a recent interview Ms. Coulter claimed that Jews need to be 'perfected.' Many people found this offensive. I did, but not because it is anything that Ann is original in. The 'Messianic Jewish' movement (that is such a big oxymoron I wont even attempt to go into it in this discussion) has been using that term for years. They always refer to themselves as prefected Jews. (This is one of the reasons they 'observe' Jewish holidays.

In addition to the Messianic movements, a number 'mainstream' Christian Movements are 'in-step' with this idea. My wife has stated on a number of occasions she is 'worried about' my immortal soul if I don't accept Jesus. My response is, it is a little hard to accept something that is not theologically in line with my own beliefs. And I find the concept of saying 'you have to believe in ________'in order to go to Heaven a little bit odd. HaShem has never said that, and that is where I come from. It makes little sense to believe that HaShem is merciful and then will send non-Christians to Hell if they don't accept one item of faith. Judaism seems that it is more realistic. Do you follow the rules? HaShem is going to give you the benefit of the doubt if you do. Also Judaism is a little less 'theologically organized' when it comes to what happens after one dies. There is some indication that there is a continuation after death, but no realy theologically concept, at least until one is initiated in to the 'mysteries' of Kabbalah.

I don't know what happens after death. Frankly I don't think I am smart enough to figure out what HaShem wants, I am sure that HaShem doesn't want me to be a Christian because that isn't what He taught my ancestors. As a family, I think that we need to address the Christian world about what it the problem is with their approach and why Chistianity isn't, in any form, related to Judaism as Jews understand it. The fact that a majority of the Hebrews alive at the time of Jesus, didn't accept that he was "the Son of G-D" or the "Messiah" should tell Christians what they need to know about the majority of Jews of the time. (I am leaving the aestetic Ascenes out of the discussion because much of their doctrine became the basis of early Christian Theology.)

To sort of wrap this up: Ann Coulter wasn't saying things that others don't already say, the only reason most people aren't aware of it is because they aren't dumb enough to go on television and say it. Ann Coulter has made a good living playing the Banshee-voiced Harpy of the lunatic-fringe Right-Wing. She has played the lightening rod so long she actually can not say what ever she wants, whether it makes sense or not, and have some other lunatic-fringe right-wing goofballs defending her. They all need to get a grip and stop attacking people who believe differently and start a civil discourse. It isn't going to happen, but then that is good for the Democrats; as everytime some goofball opens their marginally civil oral flapping whole, they are pushing more people to the middle who are going to be likely to vote Democratic in the next election.


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