Monday, July 23, 2007

You-Tube Debate

I watched a good portion of the Democratic You-Tube debate this evening on CNN. I found this to be a good way to handle the asking of questions. Even though the network had control of which questions were asked, it didn't have a great deal of control over what questions were submitted. Some of the questions were not what a 'trained' moderator would have asked.

Mike Gravel, as usual, probably did the best job for a candidate that has no chance of getting the nomination. My wife and I both thought that Dennis Kucinich did well when he had a chance to speak, and neither of us usually care for him as a politician. Congressman Kucinich usually seems to be much more 'out there' than he did this evening while we were watching.

Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton did a good job, a few odd statements in how things were said but otherwise did well.

Senator Dodd seemed to do much better and appealled to my wife this evening. We both were sometimes annoyed and sometimes interested by what Senator Biden had to say.

My favorite going into the debate was Senator Edwards. As usual, I feel he did a great job of answering the questions that were asked of him, and making his points. I liked Edwards in 2004 as my second choice, I am mildly embarassed to admit that I was a Lieberman supporter then. I find Edwards to be refreshing and sincere in his desire to help this country, and I think that coming as he did from 'humble' beginnings that he has a good understanding of the general public and the 'little people' in this country who may be often overlooked.

As for Senator Lieberman, I have to say I am not very happy with him. I understand why he was upset with Democratic leadership in the 2006 elections, but I don't understand why he doesn't see the real situation in Iraq. I am not asking him to say anything against anyone, but I just don't understand how he is letting his pride or ego over rule the reality of Iraq. I keep hoping that he will stop acting like such a utter putz, and move on to the help this country like a good religious Jew should. I am tired of him constantly putting his ego ahead of the good of the country. I am not at the point a lot of Democrats are saying he should just 'leave' and become a Republican, I feel he needs to stop acting like a Bush supporter in the Senate and look at all of the damage that has been done to our democracy with that twit in office.


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