Thursday, June 14, 2007

Authoritarianism in America

I have addressed this issue several times before. I actually have a different reason for addressing today, but before I get to that I can't help but mention that the President the other day referred to 'His government.' I am fairly sure that his statement was to refer to his administration, but I think the verbal blunder had a bit of telling information in it any way.

The real reason for this post is a book review. I recently finished reading 'It Can Happen Here: Authoritarian Peril in the Age of Bush' by Joe Conason. It is clear from the title what the position of this book is and where it is coming from, but I wanted to get someone else's 'input' on the subject. The book does a very good job of summing up the similarities between the Bush Administration and how it functions with authoritarian governments past and present. It is a detailed examination of the Administration and it's apparent need to operate in secrecy.

Something the book did that I thought was interesting was an indepth discussion of the Nixon Adminstration and the development of the 'Unitary Executive' theory that this Administration has built up.

Another thing that Mr. Conason did that I thought was very interesting is comparing the real world of the present with the book written by Sinclair Lewis the author of 'It Can't Happen Here' (1935) in which Mr. Lewis discusses a proposed take over of the United States by a fascist government.

I would recommend this book for two reasons. 1. I feel the book is very good and very well researched, and does a good job of concisely pointing out the problems with the Bush Administration. 2. Even if you don't agree with the point of view, getting the information gives you a feel for what the 'other side' is saying.


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