Friday, May 18, 2007

Why do I do this to myself?

Every so often I make an effort to listen to Rush Limbaugh. It isn't that I enjoy his show, but I like to know what the talking heads on the right are spewing.

While out getting lunch today I was listening and he was talking about the 'illegal immigration' bill that is working it's way through Congress. The first thing out of his mouth on the issue nearly had me rolling on the floor in laughter. (Which being that I was driving was rather dangerous.) He was actually complaining because in the process of negotiating the legislation, the Democrats had members of the pro-legalization lobby in the meetings. For some reason he found this very offensive, and he said something about the outcry if the Republicans had Big Business involved with the negotiations for energy legislation. I think that would, for the Congressional Republican Caucus, be an improvement over having them actually write the legislation, and then just voting to approve it.

This past weekend Wife and I were visiting with my Mother. (Nothing like a Mother's Day visit with Mom.) And the discussion turned to my Mother's health. As reported hear about 2 weeks ago she is now on oxygen and medications for a combination of Asthma and Emphasema. During the discussion the subject of Medicare Part D came up. I will admit I didn't know much about this legislation, other than that the Pharmacutical/Insurance communities basically wrote the legislation. The way it is working in my Mother's case is she will get the discounted medications until total amount of medications purchased (at the full, not discounted price) reaches $2,500.00, after which she will be required to pay the full price of the medications for the next $2,500.00. (This is until a total of $5,000 in full price billings of medications is reached.) Then she will start getting the discounted price again. My Mom's income is very low. She lives in apartment with a cousin who helps pay the bills, she doesn't really have the money to pay for the meds, and Wife and I will try to help, but we have our own medical issues.

The other thing that good old Rush was spewing about is that the key to this legislation is to, in the near future, give all of these new legal aliens the right to vote even though they are not citizens. (If this was ever proposed I would greatly oppose it.) First of all, I am not sure that is the plan, and I don't know how he know (other than his own Oxycodone fevered delusions) that this is the case. His reasoning is that the Democrats are trying to destroy the Republicans and to insure that they are always in control. (Sort of like Tom Delay's gerrymandering of the Congressional districts that the Republican's tried.)

Why is it that people always accuse the otherside of doing what they are guilty of? (Transference anyone?) The other thing that amazed me, all things considered, was that Bill Clinton was being blamed for all of this somehow. It seems if they can blame even the most illogical things at Bill's feet they will.

Well, no further thoughts on this subject.


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