Friday, May 18, 2007

Update on Wife's Drive for Grad School

Well good news on the home front.
First and foremost at the moment is that we found out yesterday, though we haven't received the 'official notification' that Wife was accepted to the Graduate Nursing Program she wanted. She will be seeking her Master's degree as a Clinical Nursing Specialist. When she is done with the 2 year program her next task will be to take a couple of classes to be a teacher of nursing at the college level.

Second, and nearly as good, is that Wife had a job interview last week, and a second interview this week. (This is from the potential job from her friends wedding.) The two interviews went very well and she had a very good feeling about getting the job. (Please keep your fingers crossed. Though that will make typing hard.) We should know sometime today if she has the job.

Yay, Wife.


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