Sunday, May 20, 2007

Some Sunday Thoughts

Several things on my mind.

1. Despite all my happiness for Wife, we have been having a problem or two. Recently we had a discussion about religion in which she made a (supposedly) last ditch effort to convert me Christianity. I find these conversations to be very upsetting, I am very happy with who I am and don't feel the need to switch to something that makes no sense to me. The other is that we have been discussing our wedding 13 years ago. She has been harboring several issues for all of this time and seems upset that I am not as bothered by them. I have tried to explain that 13 years have passed and that I can't do anything about it to change it know, but she just gets frustrated with me.

2. We saw Ghost Rider about 2 weeks ago. (It was at a second run theater.) I have never really cared all that much for the character, and found the movie to be rather strange. On a positive, the special effects were enjoyable.

3. I can't remember if I discussed this one yet but we watched Last King of Scotland on DVD recently. I really didn't care for the movie. I thought it was slow moving and poorly paced, Forest Whitaker did a fantastic job in it, which I guess is why he won the Oscar, and was the main saving grace of the movie.

4. We saw Spider-Man 3 today. I have to say that most of what I have read about is about how I felt about it. There were to many villians. (New Goblin, Sandman, and Venom) I thought they did a good job with the way Sandman looked, and I like his origin. Venom was set up very early in the movie and the 'black suite' took way to long to get on Peter. The movie was very crowded with things. All of that said, I still thought the movie was very good and that I would recommend seeing if you like the first 2 movies. (I still feel that Spider-Man 2 was the best of the movies.)

5. Just another note that isn't like the others. (Okay now I have the Sesame Street song One of these things isn't like the others running through my head.) We wanted to give a quick recognition to our friend Jameel at The Muqata. We had an email exchange at the beginning of the year about the situation in Israel and the region. He told me at that time that he expected the IDF to take action against the Palestinians in the Gaza in about 2 months. His estimate was 6 weeks off, which I thought was amazing. He stated in a more recent exchange that he felt the time line changed because PM Olmert was 'uncomfortable' taking any action in the wake of the Lebanon fiasco. We just wanted to acknowledge this, and let people know we do sometimes get information direct from the ground.

It is well passed time for to get off this silly machine and eat dinner and do some other useful tasks around my abode. Have a good week, and we will take to you soon.

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