Monday, April 30, 2007

Thoughts on various things

1. The Brother-in-law is still looking for a job. I am not sure what to even think on him anymore.

2. My Mom is better. They have put her on oxygen and she seems to be doing well. (I need to make another visit, but not until after this coming weekend.

3. Wife is still without a job. She did make an interesting contact at a wedding we were at this weekend that may become a job, we shall see.

4. Though I don't often post about it, I do watch a lot of sports:
a. I was happy over all with the Browns drafting this weekend. My only concern is that Brady Quinn dropped as far as he did and that we moved up to get him. (All the sports talking heads think it was a good move and they are supposed to be the experts.)
b. Despite a number of bizarre things, (a snow out of one series, playing a home series away from home, etc) the Indians are in first place at the end of April for the first time in what feels like a century.
c. The Cavaliers, for the first time in franchise history, swept a playoff series and are into the second round.
d. While not a real thing, I watched most of 2 separate showings of 'The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh' in the last week. Talk about strange movies that I will sit and watch anytime they are on TV.

5. I greatly enjoyed the 3rd season of the new Battlestar Galactica. I am really annoyed that it will take until at least January before we will see new episodes.

6. I have enjoyed Battlestar's 'replacement' for the short term Painkiller Jane.

7. I don't really understand NBC. It seems like they haven't shown new episodes of any of the Law & Order franchise in months. (I know it is new this week, it just seems weird.

8. How does Fox premiere a show this time of year? One that is a continuing premise show, and not even give it at least more that 3 viewing dates to build an audience. (Drive was an enjoyable show.) (All-in-all, at least they showed it in order, unlike Firefly which was just plain incomprehensible the way they showed it.)

9. While I am not a huge American Idol fan. (Actually not a fan at all) I am forced to watch it and while I thought Sanjaya was interesting, someone should be dragged out behind the wood shed for his being on the show as long as he was. (Either Jordin Sparks or Melinda Dolittle will win this season.)

10. On the local news this evening was a story about a man who is going to jail for attempting to hire someone to kill his wife. Aside from crying in court during the pre-sentence hearing today, the strangest thing about this may have been his defense. He claims that he thought the undercover police officer that he was speaking with was a member of a biker gang that he wanted into, and thought the 'kill my wife' thing made him sound tougher. (I think the map of his wifes mail route and details of how he wanted the murder staged that were captured on tape sort of did him in.

Well I am getting to tired to think straight and I need to clean the kitchen before I sleep tonight.
Have a good one all. I'll be back soon.

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