Monday, April 02, 2007

Passover Time Again

Passover, as the Holidays and Festivals go, is not one of my favorites. Not because of the holiday itself, but as I've complained about before, I don't like having my eating habits messed with. This year I am actually hoping to lose a little wait during the Festival.
For a variety of reasons I will not be going to a Sedar tonight, and I may not be going tomorrow night. I have one scheduled for tomorrow night at a cousins house, but my mother is in the hospital and may not be out in time. If she is not I will be spending that time with her at the hospital. Aside from that, May all who visit during this time have a happy, healthy (and Kosher) Passover. And may we all be able to celebrate next year in Jerusalem.


How are things going with work and your cats?
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