Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Day of Family Insanity

I was taking care of a few errands this afternoon, after my wife went to work for the evening, and I got a call from her. The information of that call was rather enlightening and disturbing. ( I will be providing some non-phone call information that relates to this as I go, so not everything is 'new' information from the phone call. I will try to identify this where it makes sense.)

As a bit of background, Wife's grandparents moved to a 'senior living' apartment about four years ago. (This is the same grandmother, and her husband, that slapped father-in-law last year.) We somehow got through the 'trauma' of the move.

For the last several weeks, Grandfather was in the skilled nursing facility in preparation of a move from one apartment to another in a building that they would be more easily 'watched.' It wasn't assisted living just in the main building at the facility. When Grandfather was 'admitted' to the nursing facility they evaluated him and had determined that he was showing signs of advanced 'dementia.' (He thought it was 1960 and he had no idea who the President was. This may actually be a good thing all things considered.) On Monday the facility had a meeting with Grandmother, Grandfather, Father-In-Law, and Father-In-Law's Sister (by phone). At the meeting Grandmother 'demanded' that she 'get' Grandfather back in her charge, which the facility agreed to. Additionally she agreed to 'allow' a nurse to come in to the apartment to help them get their medications straight.

So the phone call from today. Mother-In-Law called Wife to tell her that Grandmother, who has officially moved apartments, was visiting Grandfather in the nursing facility. While Grandmother was visiting, she began hitting Grandfather. (Actually we had suspected this was going on but we had no proof.) I am not sure of the circumstances of the situation, ( That information has trickled to me yet.) but Grandmother was observed in the 'act.' She was then informed that due to the situation that Grandfather would not be 'returned' to her care. She then called Father-In-Law to tell him what was going on and threatened to hurt herself.

This is as up-to-date on the situation as I am on the moment. The insanity has more to it but Wife got home from work a short time ago, and I need to go. I have other things to add to the over all situation, but that is will be filled in over the next several days.


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