Thursday, November 02, 2006

And We Wonder Why Are Children Are Poorly Educated.

This article from the N.Y. Daily News discusses the apparent in ability for a principle to add. It has a range, when totaled, to between 105% and 140%.

The principal excuse, it was designed to be flexible so teachers have some discretion on grading. They must have a lot of discretion, other wise I suspect almost noone will get an A. (Hitting 105% is going to be a bitch.)


I find it rather amusing that you can sit and opine on the poorly educated all the while demonstrating your own inability to have commmand over the concepts of spelling and grammar. I can see numerous errors in the few sentences you wrote today. You need to get off of your pulpit and realize that when you are pointing a finger at the uneducated, you should not forget to save one to point at yourself.
And I find it amazing that someone takes the time to comment on a post with out reading the underlying story.

I expect that you won't 'lower' your high and mightiness to that level though.

As for your comments. I tend to write my posts quickly. The errors are do to that and not my lack of education.
Fine. I read the article and it was a waste of time, and in no way diminishes the fact that you sound like a moron in your posts no matter how fast you claim to type. Have you ever heard of spell check? You supposedly graduated college and are a professional. Start acting like one.
'Truth Teller'

If my blog is such a waste of time and I am such a moron, why are you wasting time even visiting it and commenting. I have said this before. If you are wasting your time here, who is the moron, you (who are reading a site you find a waste of time) or me?

Frankly I think that makes you a moron.

As for spell checker yes, oddly I have heard of it, and you know what, when I am writing professional communications I use it. When I am writing for my self, like here, I don't take the time. I do type my posts quickly, I also have a learning disability that makes spelling rather difficult. I usually don't bring that up because I don't like to blame 'bad wiring' for anything. But since you are 'The Truth Teller' I thought I would spill the beans.
I recently read in a medical journal that they came up with a cure for such an affliction. It is called paying attention in school and ceasing to be a know-it-all.

- Dr. Quinn
'Dr. Quinn'

And I have heard that the have a solution to people who think they are making clever comments. Unfortunately I didn't pay attention to what it was, my personal response is usually to ignore them.
Any word on your work situation?
concerned citizen:

Yes, and I will pubish an update either later today or tomorrow. I will also comment on several other things.
I see you have not posted in a while. Does this mean you have found a job? If so this is great news and hopefully you have had a pleasent Thanksgiving to celebrate. I have been away with no access to the web and wondered how you were doing.
I wasn't out here for quite awhile, Little Wolf. Had no idea you were out of a job... What is the latest news?
Hey Wolf!
It's been a long time.
I see you have your own trolls, I guess you made it to the big time!

Hope all is well, drop me a line sometime.

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