Sunday, October 22, 2006

Windows and Doors

For some reason I always get to test the theory that when G-D shuts a door He opens another door (or window.)

I was informed on Thursday after work, that as of the end of the month I will be laid-off. I believe that this will be a temporary situation and that I will be recalled after the first of the year. (Basically at the beginning of tax season.) But for at the moment, unless something changes, I will be temporarily out of work.

While this was a bit of a shock, I actually am not horribly upset about it at this point. For one thing, it will give me time to finish preparing for the CPA exam. Second, it will lower my 'at work' stress of trying to stay busy the rest of the year. And third, I always have other options to look for short-term income replacement. (Nothing illegal mind you, but things that I can do to create income.)

Oddly, while my wife and I were both upset on Thursday, we both are taking a vary positive attitude on the situation at the moment. (Trust me that is odd. Usually I am the positive one and she is the negative one, but so far she is telling me exactly what she thinks about my 'job search' situation.)

Updates to this situation as I have information.


Maybe you can get a job as a zoo-keeper. Then you can take care of some captured stingrays.
Sorry to hear about your job situation. Look on the bright side, no commuting, more time to blog. Sounds like you were under appreciated, good luck.
Didn't I bump into you the other week at a bath house in Lakewood?

You previous attempt at this was removed. I am going to leave this up just for the hell of it. I really couldn't care less (even if I tried) about your tiny, tiny attempt at what I guess you think is humor. If you think calling, or implying, that I am gay is amusing fine. Amuse yourself all you want.
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