Friday, September 29, 2006

Yeay Torture

So the President will get to define what is a degradation of human dignity.  The Secretary of Defense gets to determine who an illegal enemy combatant is, and we then get to 'hard interrogate' them.
The way the new law that is in process works, as I understand it from what I have heard.  The Secretary of Defense will appoint a commission with the power to determine who an illegal enemy combatant is. (Frankly I am not sure what an illegal enemy combatant is, it sounds rather like a made up term that means anyone who is a member of the enemy, but I am not going to try to get that one figured out today.)
If some one is determined to be an illegal enemy combatant, and from what I have heard this can be a legal resident alien in the US that has made a 'bad' donational choice, they can be detained and denied access to the US Court system.  They can also be held indefinitely without being charge with a crime, and without being told what they are being held for having done.  Then, if it is believed that they have information that is vital to the 'War on Terror' they can be hard interrogated in order for them to pass on the information.
Well the President has said that Freedom was on the march, he just never really has said that it was away from the US.  But who needs a 300+ year old legal concept like the Writ of Habeas Corpus anyway.


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