Thursday, September 07, 2006

Quick Hits

1. I am sorry about not posting much recently. I have been running around (it feels like in circles) taking care of a number of things. In addition I had problems with my dial-up access, that has been resolved by getting a cable modem. I now have the ability to actually work on the internet at home.

2. I am tired of listening to the Unitary Executive (UE) mispronounce words. It isn't folksy, and it isn't genuine, it is just annoying. I am also tired of hearing him say the phrase " The War on Terror" in such a way as to make me think we are attacking the plantation home from Gone with the Wind.

3. Hasn't the UE gotten tired of promoting the 'War in Iraq' and watching his poll numbers go down further. I am beginning to think that he wants to lose at least one of the Houses of Congress. (Doesn't make sense to me, but then I am not Karl 'The Brain' Rove.) And I wish to state for the record, again, that I was not, and still am not, opposed to the idea of going/having gone, in to Iraq. The problem I have is that this Administration couldn't plan a way off a flat piece of cardboard without something they couldn't have forseen happening.

4. I am glad that the 'War in Lebanon' is over, but I really wish that the Israeli Administration would have either commited to destroying Hezbu-Allah, or not gone in at all. It seems they are taking war planning from the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld team.

5. I really think that the President of Iran ( I didn't attempt his name because it would be misspelled) is rather amusing. Frightening, but amusing. I will give him credit for a couple of things though. He is more adept at making allies around the world than our 'Great and Glorious Leader.' He seems to get a better response from his own citizens, though this may be more fear of being arrested and executed than that he is actually connecting. And finally, he seems to be able to actually get a point across when giving a speach. (I wonder if he mispronounces words.)

6. The UE is as much a cowboy as I am. This putz is a Connecticut Yankee through and through. And like much of 'his' Administration, as big a chicken hawk as they come. I guess it would be pretty easy to say, "Under my watch, we will not give up territory to the terrorists," and " Stay the course." After all, he has next to nothing on the line. He has a terrible reputation, he has no future elections to loose, and finally looks like a complete idiot. What worse could happen to him.

7. I was asked for my opinion, a short time ago, on the 'Portly PM' and his situation. I feel bad for his family, and I am not sure exactly what is expect by trying to keep his body going. He died when he had the massive stroke months ago, now they are just prolonging the agony for the family.

8. I read somewhere today that Tony Blair is planning to step down with in 1 year. It's a shame really, he seems like a pretty likable guy. He just can't seem to look at the UE and see him as the putz he is.

9. Two quick 'aniversaries' I want to mention. 1st about 5 weeks ago we reached our first birthday here at Little Wolf's World. I am kind of proud of that. 2nd, it was just over a year ago that I had to put MY cat (or perhaps I was his human, whatever) to sleep. While I am not 'upset' about it any more, I do miss him and his unique character. Our little Lynx Point Siamese is nice and cute, but not quite the same. (Our other cat is, for lack of a nice way to say it, pretty much a fur lump. She is beautiful, but all she does is lie around and sleep.

10. Final thought for the day. I was very sorry to hear about Steve 'The Crocodile Hunter' Irwin's death. I was not really a big fan of his, frankly I found a bit on the annoying side. (Sort of like the puppy that won't leave you alone.) But I still respected him for what he did. I don't think I would want to be in the range of any number of the animals that he dealt with regularly. I have seem several reports of people (Germaine Greer, I believe that is the correct spelling, in particular today) bashing him for what he did. My response, I didn't have to like him to respect him, and I feel very bad for both of his children. (Not to mention father, wife and other family.) I was young when my father died, and it was always hard on me. (Even now at times.)

Well I am off to dinner. Have a good one and I will be back soon.


How can you feel sorry for that Jackoff Croc Hunter that put his kid in danger a few years back by letting it near a dangerous animal? I want to buy that Stingray dinner.

I guess it has been one year since you have been screwing your employer by blogging at work. Way to go!
Hey, I've got a stingray dinner for you, right here.
stevie was just a warning. the sharks and us rays have had it with you annoying humans. stay on land waste your time posting all your useless opinions.

hey peter, i'm available for dinner anytime as long they serve white meat (gotta watch my fat intake).
He obviously knew the risks. I felt nothing when i heard of his loss after the thousandth time.

How can you do so much blogging at work? Can you get me a job there?
I haven't done much blogging at work since the beginning of the year.

As for my comments on Steve Irwin. I think all of you missed the entire point of that post. I was saddened by his death not because of how he died, but that he has two young children who will be without their father. He left a wife without her husband and other family as well. I respected him for what he did, I didn't really care for him, but my sympathy is for his children.
whitch year r u talkin about. looks like u r a total weirdo?
I need a job where i can blog all day and get paid, hook me up too.
I'm confused. I thot we wer talking about steve irwin's deth. Lay off of the little lobo, he can blog all he wants. it gives me something to read at my job.
Irwin Shmerwin. Don't mess with something bigger than you could eat. By the way, are stingrays kosher?
forget whether they're kosher. what do they taste like?
tastes like chicken... a big, flat, rubber chicken.
That Jackoff Croc Hunter obviously did not give a crap about his own kids, so why are you wasting your time caring? He made a career acting in a dangerous manner, and he even put one of his kids in danger too. F--- him! I glad that stupid asswipe is gone. One less asshole in the world is always a good thing.
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