Sunday, September 17, 2006

The New Improved Speech-making George Puppet

His Highness made several speeches this past week, and my basic thought was "AND?"

He has yet to really say anything new, he just runs around like a dog chasing his tail. My wife's reaction was that he is beginning to sound like a dictator. My favorite comment was his discussion the other day about Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions when he said to a reporter something to the effect of 'You can come with whatever hypothetical senario's you want, we need this clarified or the program will stop.' Does he really believe that if we define Article 3 to include sometypes of physical abuses to a prisoner that other countries won't do the same?

I am also not sure I understand what his problem with Article 3 is, while I haven't read the text, I have heard it read in the media and it seems pretty clear cut. It really comes down to not violating the human rights of other people. Or perhaps - do onto others as you have them do unto you (or yours.)

It appears that this Administration may truly be one of the shortest sighted Administrations in the history of the country. It also appears that the people who were in the Nixon Administration who are now holding positions learned all the wrong lessons from the Nixon Administration.

One final question to anyone who supports all of this expansion of Presidential powers: Do you support Jr. having these powers because you trust him, or because you truly believe that the Office of the President should have these powers? Or put another way, will you still want the Office of the President to have these powers in 2 years IF Hillary Clinton were to be elected President? (And if not Hillary, pick someone that YOU would not want to be President.)

As a complete aside, does anyone look at a product that says "New and Improved" or "Now Tastes Better" and wonder how they possible could have sold such a crappy product before. (One product, the Hershey's S'mores bar, I think tasted better before they improved it.) Well I am off, I do have something else to do today.


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