Tuesday, August 01, 2006

An update for the last week

There was suppossed to be something else here but I am having problems
with it. I will attempt to post it later.

Other things going on:
1. Wife came home over the weekend. She is feeling much better, and
they made an adjustment in her meds that seem to be helping. She is
still a little out-of-it, but part of that is probably due to the new
med, and part of is probably due to the fact that she went nearly 48
hours with out sleep. More updates as they are warranted.

2. The link below is one from CNN about an internet pedophile
predator. The thing it brought to my mind was how creative this guy
was in finding his prey. He was visiting Goth oriented websites and
finding the vulnerable girls that were on the site.


3. I had been wondering when we would get an update about Ariel
Sharon's condition. It came yesterday. His condition, all things
considered, isn't all that surprising. I am torn between feeling
distressed by his condition and relief at his condition. I am
distressed because I have to wonder if the current problem might not
have been different with Ariel still alive. I am also distressed
because what I know of the man, I can't help but believe this is not
the way he would have wanted to go. I am relieved because at some
point in the not too distant future I have to believe that his body
will expire and the 'Shadow of Ariel' will slowly disappear.

4. On the same note, I have begun to believe that the situation in
Israel is what it is because of Ehud Olmert. His lack of experience
on the national and international front may have lead both Hamas and
Hezbu-Allah to believe that he would be weak on the attacks. The flip
side of that is that the PM could not appear weak to his public even
if he had to take actions that he didn't necessarily want to. The PM
was in somewhat of a know win situation, if he didn't take an
aggressive position he, and Israel, would appear weak. If he took a
hard-line position he would put Israel in a difficult position.

5. Does anyone wonder what the hell the Unitary Executive's problem
is? Why does he seem to view the Chancellor of Germany as a 'squeeze
toy?' For that matter why was he so obsessed with the 'pig' during
his press conference in Germany?

Well that is all that is in my mind today. Have a good one, and
barring another disaster, we will talk again tomorrow.


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