Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Several Quick Things

1. My wife is feeling much better, that is the most amazing thing I have to report. She is better with this new med that they put her on than she has been in at least 4 years. She may need an increase in dosage, but the improvement is almost miraculous.

2. Does anyone else feel that the 'excitement' and media frenzy surrounding the fact that the Pitching Dictator Fidel Castro has temporarily stepped down from power while he recovers from bowel surgery to be a little strange.

3. I was looking at the local paper early today and noticed that it said the 48 hour cease fire was coming to an end. Did I miss the last 48 hours?

4. I have recently saw both Superman Returns and Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest. Both movies were very good. Wife and I both thought Dead Man's Chest was better than the first one. (Looks like Disney World will have to close and change the ride again.)

5. There was a letter to the editor the other day in the local paper that nearly had me laughing when I read it. The letter was arguing how Superman Returns is really just an attack on Christianity disguised as a movie. I try to put myself in other people's shoes when I read these kind of things, but I still found the concept to be ridiculous. The letter writer's basic argument was that because Lois wrote an article about how the world didn't need Superman as a savior and that Superman uses his powers to 'spy' on Lois at one point in the movie all Christians should be offended. My thought was two fold on this as I tried to understand the argument. Is this person really so weak in their own religious belief that a movie about a non-existent super powered being from another world would feel like an attack. I really never go any of what this person was talking about out of the movie. The second was, if I was as 'weak' in my own belief would I be responding that his letter is really an attack on Judaism, since the origins and name of Superman have a Jewish background.

Well I have said enough for one day. I hope I have more in me tomorrow, but gosh I feel better.


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